Learn to Swim

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We are proud to offer the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life Program.  Our program is very small but we invite you to join our highly experienced Instructors for an amazing experience.  We have truly talented Instructors!

Our Philosophy:

Children learn and progress through swimming lessons at their own pace.  It is important that they are taught to swim in a safe environment and are not rushed through the essential stages of aquatic skill development.

We do not support the philosophy of forcing a child through a level or "challenging" a child by registering them in a level above their swimming ability.  It is not a safe approach and can cause children to regress and/or become extremely fearful of water.

Our Program:

We offer both group lesson and private lesson settings.

Our group lesson program is small and due to the size and depth of our pool, our Instructor to Participant ratios are extremely low.  In our Preschool Program we have 1 Instructor for 3 participants. Our ratios for our Swimmer Program range from 1 Instructor to 4 participants in Swimmer 1 up to a maximum of 8 participants per Instructor in Swimmer 6.

During the Fall/Winter terms, our group lessons run once a week (Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings) We offer both group and private lessons. 

Registration for our Fall 2023 session opens online Monday August 21st at 9:00am.  All registrations must be completed ONLINE. 

During the Spring/Summer terms, our group lessons run once a week (Wednesday evenings) in May/June only. Both group and private lessons are offered. 

Register online at shop.westernmustangs.ca