Student Staff Awards

Sports & Recreation student staff made some exceptional contributions this past year. We recognized a few of them with our annual student staff awards.

The student staff listed below went above and beyond this past year - maintaining an incredible attitude while helping to run student-centered, accessible and enriching programming.

We are so grateful for their incredible contributions. 

The following are a list of our top student staff award winners for this past year:

Sports & Recreation Award of Excellence 2022/2023: Sinan Abidi & Megan Randa

The Sports & Recreation Award of Excellence is awarded annually to a student(s) who have made a significant impact to both their respective program area(s) and the entire Sports & Recreation department over their entire employment history. This award is bestowed on a staff member that best exemplifies a commitment to our department’s guiding values through demonstrated leadership, teamwork, community building, and a dedication to servicing our programs and membership.

This award is the highest accolade awarded for Sports & Recreation student staff, and winners should take great pride in what this award represents from the past, but also what their legacy will mean for the future. This year we are pleased to recognize the leadership, contributions, and dedication of two of our outstanding staff members.

The first Award of Excellence winner started their career with us in 2019 as a work study student. This team member goes above and beyond to support and motivate their team members by regularly checking in during stressful times. They pick up shifts when they don’t have time and happily come in last minute, just to support their colleagues and be a reliable and dependable team member. They advocate for our part time student staff by actively discussing suggestions and concerns with the full-time team. They are adaptable and flexible in all aspects, especially through COVID and the ongoing, consistent changes. Through sharing knowledge and participating in professional development opportunities, they strive to make our workplace and the world a better place.

From a Fitness Centre attendant, to a Shift Supervisor, and Clubs Assistant, this individual has brought a bright light into all of our worlds and truly makes the WSRC a better place – especially when he shows up in a suit to an interview!

Our first Sports & Recreation Award of Excellence winner is……Sinan Abidi.

Our second Award of Excellence winner is a true leader in all aspects of the word. They show up each and every day with a smile on their face and how can I help attitude. They continually go above and beyond to make sure our staff teams have what they need to be successful and find ways to integrate initiatives to boost morale and increase recognition of our RECSTARS. From no experience and knowledge at all of the WSRC prior to COVID, to training a full staff team and building at full capacity, they did amazing with little information and direction.

They have a superpower of seeing what needs to get done without being asked and always do the work without seeking recognition. They have worked the front lines of football games as Event Staff and to checking COVID vaccines as a Membership Services Associate to now being a Facility Supervisor and a Team Leader who excels in every area they are put in. They are well loved by our full team and one everyone can go to for support. Not to mention, they are the only staff in history to hold a Honours Degree from Of Courts in Racquet Repair!

Congratulations to our second Sports & Recreation Award of Excellence winner…..Megan Randa.

Fitness Centre Shift Supervisor of the Year: Sinan Abidi
Sinan has consistently exhibited a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and a high level of professionalism. Beyond his exceptional work ethic, Sinan has also consistently displayed a genuine passion for health and wellness. Sinan is caring and compassionate about Western Campus Recreation, our FCA team, and the world around us, continually strengthening his team.  
Fitness Centre Fitness Centre Attendant of the Year: Jessica Herault
With unwavering enthusiasm and professionalism, our "Staff of the Year" this year has consistently gone the extra mile to ensure that our members feel welcomed, supported, and motivated during their fitness journey. But it doesn't stop there. Jessica has also been an invaluable team member, always willing to lend a helping hand to her colleagues, stepping up when needed, and contributing to the success of our fitness center. She has shown exceptional teamwork, collaboration, and a willingness to share their expertise, making them an integral part of our staff.

Fitness Centre Fitness Centre Instructor of the Year: Helen Farndon
Helen teaches more fitness each week than all of our other fitness instructors combined. She inspires everyone to be active, kind and caring, She also regularly brings in meals to feeds our team. She is a positive and reliable instructor who is very deserving of this award.

Personal Trainer of the Year: Khurram Javed
Khurram is a Personal Trainer who leads by example. He is an exceptional individual who embodies the qualities of a true professional and consistently goes above and beyond to help clients achieve their fitness and wellness goals. His dedication, knowledge, interpersonal skills, and professionalism an invaluable asset to Western Campus Recreation.

IMS Official of the Year: Carson Alderson, Brendan Fox, Andy Huang This year's intramural sports official of the year award goes to three outstanding individuals who displayed exceptional commitment to their role. With a strong work ethic and an in-depth understanding of the rules, they have consistently demonstrated their expertise by effectively communicating with participants and picking up last-minute shifts. Their dedication & hard work make them highly deserving of this recognition.

IMS Convener of the Year: Kristen Nolan 

Kristen's exceptional organizational skills and dedication to her role as convener allowed her to successfully manage hundreds of teams and thousands of participants in volleyball, ensuring that her leagues ran smoothly and efficiently. Her ability to communicate effectively with both staff and participants, coupled with her work ethic, made her a deserving recipient of the convener of the year award.

Event Staff Supervisor of the Year: Anthony Tannous
Anthony has been an invaluable supervisor on the Mustangs TV/Event staff team for several years. He brings has an incredibly positive attitude, a strong attention to detail, is always willing to learn, and shows a great willingness to help. He is passionate about events and has shown a strong understanding of the needs of the team and the work. Anthony has been an incredible support to the team overall, both this past year and for all his years with the team.

Event Staff of the Year: Mia Pilatzke
Mia has shown a willingness to learn on her time with the Mustangs TV/Event staff team. She is reliable, a quick learner, and is skilled at seeing the world through a camera and video lens. Coupled with her work ethic, Mia has become an invaluable part of the team.  

Communications and Sports Information Staff of the Year: Samantha Intranuovo
This member of the Communications & Sports Information staff has quite literally been a swiss army knife of talent this year. From stats collection to taking photos, to writing stories, to social media content creation, she did it all and it was only her first year with us. She is passionate, energetic, positive, and dedicated to what we do and is always happy to help out in a pinch….. to the point that we have to remind her to take a break here and there because she consistently wants to do more. We are so lucky to have her on our team.

Aquatics, Lifeguard of the Year: Jeff Hayward
Jeff is a consistent hard worker who always goes above and beyond.  He is reliable and dependable, shows up early for all his shifts, go out of his way on shift to ensure tasks are completed, and is always super positive to be at work. Jeff often seeks opportunities to grow and develop his aquatic and leadership skills to challenge himself in many different ways.  His positivity and upbeat personality are appreciated by his peers.

Aquatics, Headguard of the Year: Liam Hopkins
Liam is well known for working many hours on the pool deck – morning, noon, and night.  He is an incredible friend and support to everyone as well as a great resource. He creates a positive cup full attitude in the pool office and on each shift.  He is always there to help his peers and assist with shift coverage, even when hes too busy and doesn’t always have time.  We look forward to Liam’s continued leadership on our team the incoming Aquatics Team Leader.

Membership Services, Associate of the Year: Jess Stiles

Jess is a strong associate who demonstrates compassion and empathy, is well-versed in and has an extensive knowledge of all things WSRC, is an amazing mentor and friend, enforces policies and doesn’t let anything by her. She shows up each shift with the biggest smile and the how can I help approach. She has trained many staff and upholds a high level of service that we appreciate. She utilizes her nursing skills most shifts for the endless first aid scenarios that come up. We will miss her next year but look forward to see all she achieves.

Membership Services, Shift Leader of the Year: Maddie Aime
Maddie is incredibly supportive and genuinely cares about our team and our members. She makes everyone feel welcomed and valued and wants staff to feel comfortable asking her questions or for support. She goes above and beyond to help out on shifts and was promoted to a Facility Supervisor this past term as a result of her strong leadership and excellent relationship building. She is a positive light that has been a true treasure on our team and she will be missed as she does incredible things in the world!

Congratulations again to all our top student leader award winners! Thank you for all of your leadership, and the incredible support you showed the team over this past year.

Thank you to all of our student staff; you are helping us to build a trust-based and safe environment for students and members to engage, learn, grow and stay active, and we are very grateful for your continued support and outstanding contributions.