Learn to Run - Virtual Program

5km Learn to Run 16 & 24 Week Training Programs

The purpose of the 5km Learn to Run training program is to prepare you to be able to run 5km without walking. The best news? No prior running experience is necessary to learn how to train for a 5km. If you can walk and run, you can finish this program. The training program includes several short sessions during the week of only about 30 minutes each. You'll do a run-walk combo, alternating between running and walking segments to build up your endurance. Give it a try and you might just meet your goal and finish a 5km.

The 5km Learn to Run training program includes one 16-week and one 24-week program (based on a 7-day weekly schedule) to choose from, on how to train for a 5km to allow you flexibility to fit your lifestyle. For the 16-week program this is higher intensity and you run more, earlier in the program. For the 24-week program, the intensity increases at a slower rate and you run less, earlier in the program.

Registration starts Monday, April 18, 2022.

Learn more at: Learn To Run - Sport and Recreation Services - Western University (uwo.ca)