How to Create a Personal Wellness Retreat at Home

What better time than now to create your own personal wellness retreat at home. No travel, donning masks or remaining 2 metres apart from others; just relaxation, self-care, healthy meals, physical activity, and all your favorite wellness treatments.

Reserve an entire weekend or any 3-day time period; Mark it on your calendar. 

Create an agenda and plan.

Create a menu. Think about exactly what you want to do and then
put it to paper.


Turn off your phone. No emails, no social media, and ignore the TV - your favorite shows will be there in three days time. Everything is going to be fine.

Pack a bag.

Set aside clothes, a yoga mat, your journal, and other items you would bring on retreat. Have them ready to go. No need to think about what to wear. No need to search for your journal, pens, or yoga props. They are all set aside and ready to go, just as they would be when you arrive at a retreat center.

Schedule both energizing and relaxing activities.

For online yoga classes, Yoga Glo is a fantastic resource. Browse Wellness Mama for great do it yourself home and beauty recipes. Try a Western Campus Rec Instagram class or Self-Massage class. A sample day might look something like this - morning meditation and journaling, mid-morning yoga flow, self-massage or fitness class, afternoon bubble bath, evening restorative yoga, bedtime meditation and journaling.

Schedule down-time.

Make room for “Do-Nothing-Time.”

This is the time to soak in all your blissful wellness activities, to reflect, and to cherish this experience. Too often in life we try to cram in as many activities as we can and before we know it that early morning meditation is more stressful than blissful. SLOW DOWN! Source: Huffington Post

 How to create a personal wellness retreat at home. All text is also on the webpage.

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