What to Expect: Fall 2022

Fall leaves on campus

Science is pleased to be welcoming students back to campus for September 2022. Western University and the Faculty of Science are anticipating that we will be offering our courses primarily in in-person format, with a small number of blended courses, as we did before the pandemic. 

All students, including both Canadian and international students, are expected to enrol their courses on campus, in-person. Fall Term Classes will begin on September 8.  The last day to add a first-term course or a full-year course is September 16, and this is when instructors require all students to be available to participate their in-person activities, and academic consideration will no longer be given for travel delays. 

If you are unable to be present at Western University by September 16, please contact us as soon as possible using the Help Portal at Science/Medical Science Academic Counselling to withdraw your Fall Term Courses.  You should then plan to begin your studies in the Winter Term (January to April of 2023) and enrol additional courses in the Summer of 2023. 

Please direct any questions you might have about student VISA’s/study permits to the International & Exchange Student Centre.

If you are a student with a medical condition that prevents you from studying in person, please reach out to Accessible Education to discuss your options.