Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics

To assess ergonomics in the office you must look at many different areas such as computer and paperwork, telephone use, lighting, working posture, and work demands. The office ergonomics section will help to guide you through and provide some tips on basic office workstation set-up.  Not to worry, the guide includes a 4-step program with accompanying pictures.  There is also a special section on laptop use, both in the office and when on the go!  Links to office ergonomics websites are provided.

Improving your Workstation

The information below is to help you understand and modify your own work areas with the goal of improved safety, comfort and efficiency.

Step 1: Evaluate your Workstation

Step 2: Onsite Equipment Consideration

Request Review

Staff/faculty to review request with their department leader/supervisor.

Primary recommendation

Searching within department first for equipment before reaching out to vendors to purchase of new equipment

If specific item requested (chair, sit/stand desk, etc)

All equipment purchases are subject to approval by the individual departments. Purchasing equipment is a department-level responsibility. It should be noted, that if there are alternate sources of funding, such as WSIB or MVA auto insurance, these need to be explored and exhausted first.

Department to choose a preferred vendor

Step 3: Need More Information?

If staff/faculty report still having difficulty at workstation after going through above processes, please request that staff/faculty to connect with their designated Employee Well-being Consultant for their department to discuss further:

  • Requests for assessments within Employee Well-being will be evaluated based on medical need. Review accommodation process for more details.
  • Employee Well-being Consultant to provide update to staff/faculty and department for consideration of any recommended office equipment requested because of medical condition

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