Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics

To assess ergonomics in the office you must look at many different areas such as computer and paperwork, telephone use, lighting, working posture, and work demands. The office ergonomics section will help to guide you through and provide some tips on basic office workstation set-up.  Not to worry, the guide includes a 4-step program with accompanying pictures.  There is also a special section on laptop use, both in the office and when on the go!  Links to office ergonomics websites are provided.

Where to Start?

Are you concerned about the current set-up of your office workstation or have you just received a new workstation and want some adjustment help?  Give the step by step guide below a try, or download our PDF Workstation Set-up Guide.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Workstation

How well are you set-up for work?

Step 2: Setting Up Your Office Workstation

A comprehensive step-by-step guide that can be used to assist you with setting up your office workstation.

Step 3: Posture Guide

The quick reference guide that can help you improve your posture.

Step 4: Need More Help?

Western provides a value added ergonomics service through Human Resources Services and the Safety, Health & Wellness Department.  If you have completed all steps and require further help, an office ergonomics assessment can be arranged.

Special Sections:

Choosing the Proper Chair

This section describes various chair features to look for when purchasing a chair for your office workstation.

Tips and Myths about Computer Work

This section explores both the myths and tips for computer work and the people that use them.

How to Set-up your Laptop Ergonomically

This section covers laptop use and the various methods of setting-up a proper workstation whether on the go or in the office.

Some Helpful Videos

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