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Pregnancy, Parental & Adoption Leave

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Congratulations!  You are having a baby, or perhaps you are adopting a child.  Maybe you are just doing some family planning and wondering if the timing is right.  This site is intended to give you, as a prospective parent, the information you need to plan a leave from your work at Western, and to understand what time off and paid benefits may be available to you.  Some of those benefits come from Western and some from the Government of Canada.

Time Off

The Ontario Ministry of Labour, through the Employment Standards Act, provides eligible employees who are pregnant or who are new parents with the right to take unpaid time off work.

Note - both parents can be on Parental Leave at the same time.  A birth mother may take both Pregnancy (Maternity) and Parental Leave.

Paid Benefits

Depending on a number of factors, you may be entitled to the following benefits:

Administered by the Government of Canada (Service Canada)

Note: You must confirm your eligibility and apply in order to receive these benefits.

Before you start receiving Employment Insurance benefits, there may be a “waiting period” for which you will not be paid any benefits.  The waiting period for EI benefits is one week.  If you qualify to receive SEIB payments from Western, SEIB payments in that waiting period will be higher so that your income is at or close to your pre-leave income.

Administered by Western

Note: You must confirm your eligibility and apply in order to receive these benefits.

The paid benefits you receive from Western will depend on a number of factors, including your employment status with Western, the length of time you have worked here (minimum one year) and the employee group that you belong to.

To learn more, please choose your employee group from those listed below.


There are a number of factors that can impact your eligibility to receive paid leave and Supplemental Employment Insurance Benefits (SEIB). If you are planning a leave, please read the information on this website carefully and then complete the Pregnancy/Parental Leave Information Request form (Western user id and password required). You will be contacted by Western Human Resources with information about your eligibility and assistance in planning your leave.

This website is provided for information and planning purposes for Western employees only.  While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, if any conflict exists between the information on this website and the provisions of the various collective agreements or applicable legislation, the collective agreements or legislation prevail.