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Log in to Your Retirement Plan Account

As a member of the Western Retirement Plans, you may access your retirement account information to review account balances, see investment selections, make changes to how the funds are invested and review recent fund performance.

Want to learn more about navigating the online retirement plan information and how to make changes to your personal Retirement Plan Account? Below the login box you will find tips for using the online system. Tutorials and a glossary of pension terms are available on the right.

Important Note: The deadline for submitting investment changes and requests for lump sum payments from the plan for the month of December 2015 is Thursday, December 17 to be effective December 31.  Any requests submitted after this deadline will not be effective until January 31, 2016.  This is an early deadline to ensure processing prior to the holidays.

Note: The regular deadline for investment changes and lump sum payments from the plan is the 25th of the month to be effective at the end of the month. On or before the 21st of each month, account balances are updated to reflect the value of the account as at the end of the previous month.