University Corporate Insurance

The University maintains its primary insurance policies through the Canadian University Reciprocal Insurance Exchange (C.U.R.I.E.). Western joined C.U.R.I.E. along with many Canadian universities and began pooling and collectively insuring property, liability, and errors and omissions.

Please note: Information contained in this website provides a brief description of what our policies cover. It does not include all the conditions and exclusions in the actual policies. Actual wording in the insurance policies will take precedence over the information contained on this site.

Property Insurance


Property of every description owned by the University or property of others which the University Corporate Insurance office has agreed to insure. The policy is applicable to property in Canada and United States. Property elsewhere in the world is subject to a maximum recovery.

Our deductible is $250,000 per loss which means that the University self-insures the first $250,000 of any claim.

There are certain types of property outside the main property policy which are more suitably covered by specialized insurance. (e.g. University Owned Auto Policy, Non-Owned Auto Policy)

General Liability

The CURIE policy has been designed to cover the liability risks which face Canadian Universities.


This policy covers the legal liability and defense costs arising from bodily injury and property damage, including:

  • premises and operations (accidents occurring in the buildings or grounds or at activities related to the University on a world-wide basis)
  • personal injury (including false arrest, detention or imprisonment)
  • professional liability
  • sudden and accidental pollution
  • tenants legal liability (property damage to leased or rented premises)


Some standard liability coverage exclusions apply, such as:

  • Workplace injuries (WSIB)
  • Use of operation of licensed automobiles
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Human Rights Actions
  • War risks

Errors and Omissions

In general, the policy provides protection for “wrongful acts”, defined as errors, misstatements, misleading statements, acts, omissions, neglect or breach of duty, error or omission in the rendering or failure to render professional services. This policy is tailored to fit the special needs of universities in the area of Directors and Officers liability (also termed wrongful acts or educational institutions liability) insurance coverage.

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