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University Owned Vehicles

What vehicle information is required for insurance purposes?

The Purchasing Department must be involved in the purchase of any vehicle that is considered Western Property. The vehicle must be purchased and registered in the name of The University of Western Ontario. Individual departments are responsible for all costs associated with the purchase of the vehicle. (e.g. insurance premiums, plate renewal, maintenance)

The Corporate Insurance Office will require the following information in order to add a vehicle to the University Insurance Policy.

A copy of the ownership should be forwarded to Western Corporate Insurance. When disposing of a vehicle, the Purchasing Department and Western Corporate Insurance must be advised.

What is Covered by Insurance?

The standard automobile policy covers all vehicles owned by The University or leased on a long-term basis by the University. Much of this insurance is governed by statute, and like any personal auto insurance policy it provides protection in the following areas.

What is the Deductible?

The University internal deductible charged back to departments is $500 per incident.

Who is Covered?

The automobile policy covers all employees of the University as well as others who are specifically given consent by the University to drive University-owned vehicles, while driving on University business. (The names of the individuals who drive University vehicles must be on file with the Corporate Insurance office). A Western driver form (driver.pdf) must be completed and sent to the corporate insurance office. The information on this form is kept on file internally with the information provided to the University’s Broker.

What is Not Covered?

What to do in the event of accident

In the event of an accident/incident with a Western vehicle, the Corporate Insurance office should be advised immediately in order for a claim to be considered. A completed copy of the Western Vehicle Accident Reporting Form and an official police report (either University Police [where applicable] or Police Reporting Centre) must be forwarded to the Corporate Insurance Office no later than 48 hours after the accident/incident.

NOTE: A copy of the Western Vehicle Accident Reporting Form should be kept in all vehicles in the event of an accident. This will ensure that all the pertinent information is gathered at the accident location.

What is the Operating/Ancillary Department’s Responsibility?

The departments on campus who own a vehicle are responsible for renewing the license for the vehicle when due. Departments are also responsible for any costs associated with maintenance of the vehicle. Records should be kept in the event that the insurance company request this. Departments are required to ensure that any driver they approve to drive the vehicles has a good driving record and a current drivers license. Any individuals with licenses registered outside of North America must have an international drivers license.

Insurance is renewed each May 1st. Policy Premiums for each vehicle are charged to the department who owns or leases the vehicle.