Property Insurance

What is Covered?

  • The University covers all property owned by the University or property which the University Corporate Insurance office has agreed to insure.
  • If Western is required to insure property of others, the Corporate Insurance Office requires the following information for insurance purposes - type of equipment, purpose, where the equipment will be located, replacement value, duration equipment will be under the University’s control (copy of contract with third party if applicable).
  • University property outside Canada and United States is subject to a maximum recovery. Contact Corporate Insurance if taking equipment outside Canada or U.S. as additional insurance may be required.

What is the Deductible?

  • A University internal deductible of $500 is charged back to departments.

What is Not Covered?

  • The University will not cover losses as a result of break-in/theft if there is no evidence of a forced entry/removal of equipment and if there is no police report for this loss. A break-in/theft must be reported within 48 hours of the occurrence to be covered by the Corporate Insurance.
  • portable equipment placed in luggage and checked at airports when traveling.
  • portable equipment left unattended and in the open in hotel rooms, conferences, field trips
  • losses of equipment located at the personal residence or in the personal vehicle of members of the University
  • currency, money, notes, securities
  • aircraft and boats over forty feet long
  • personal property of students, faculty or staff
  • property of any individual or organization renting space from the University
  • Perils (events which cause losses or damage) which are not covered by our policy include:
    • mechanical or electrical breakdown, wear and tear, normal settling, contraction or expansion
    • electrical disturbances to electrical appliances or devices due to electrical currents except for ensuing loss or damage which results from fire or explosion
    • moths, rodents, vermin, termites or other insects
    • damage resulting from pollution, rust or corrosion, dampness or dryness, evaporation or contamination
    • loss resulting from dishonesty or infidelity of employees, or of others to whom property is loaned, rented or entrusted
    • mysterious disappearance or unexplained loss or inventory shortage
    • accidental damage/breakage
    • nuclear accidents

How to Make a Property Claim

In the event of loss due to flood, fire, theft, etc. the Corporate Insurance Office needs to be notified within 48 hours and provided with the following information.

  • Location of Loss
  • Date of Loss
  • Description of what occurred to cause the loss
  • Equipment loss
  • provide value of equipment - copy of original purchase information
  • Western Special Constable Service Occurrence Number (required for all break-ins)

Clean-up should not be attempted. Contact the Corporate Insurance office immediately to have professionally-trained personnel attend to the site/equipment.

Details of the loss are to be reported to the Corporate Insurance office within 48 hours of the occurrence in order for a claim to be insured.

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