Mustangs for Consent: Incoming Training

All incoming students (including first years, exchange students, transfer students & Western-Fanshawe Nursing students) need to complete Consent 101 to receive their Western ONECard.

Incoming students living in residence also need to complete Undressing Consent as stated in their residence contract.
Incoming students living off-campus are strongly encouraged to complete Undressing Consent as well.

You must complete the quiz at the end of Consent 101 to be able to register for Undressing Consent.

The deadline to complete Consent 101 is August 19, 2024. The deadline to complete Undressing Consent is August 26, 2024.

Consent 101

In this self-directed course you will form a greater understanding of gender-based and sexual violence, consent, Western's policies, and how we can create a culture that encourages proactive support for those in need.

As you prepare to join our community this September, you will play a part in fostering a supportive and safe environment for all our members, by demonstrating:

  1. Integrity in all you do
  2. Respect for everyone in our community
  3. Individual accountability for ensuring any forms of discrimination or gender-based violence are not tolerated


Completing this self-directed training is part of your commitment towards a safe and respectful community at Western.



Undressing Consent

A Pleasurable Approach to Learning About Consent, Rejection, and Sexual Violence is an interactive workshop where you will take a deeper dive into the skills and behaviours surrounding consent, sexual violence, sexuality, and its impact on our community. Workshops will be held in small groups of either men or women/ non-binary students and led by trainers from Western University. The content was developed with the support of Anova and the Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children.


  1. Choose a timeslot that works for your schedule
  2. The session will be 90 minutes long, you must attend all 90 minutes
  3. You will need to have your camera on and come ready to participate

If you are unable to meet these expectations, you will be asked to reschedule for an alternate training session.

Outcomes of this training are focused on:

  1. Enhancing consent communication—verbal and nonverbal approaches
  2. Understanding the full spectrum of what constitutes sexual violence and where we may confront areas that are not as clear as we may believe
  3. Unpacking sexual scripts and their influence on our expectations and behaviours
  4. Reflecting on sexual desires outside of these normative scripts
  5. Normalizing and de-personalizing rejection


Let's work together to continue fostering a safe campus enviroment here at Western.



Training FAQs

General Questions:

What training do I need to complete?

All incoming students are encouraged to complete Mustangs for Consent (which includes the two modules Consent 101 & Undressing Consent). Completing Consent 101 is necessary for receiving your Western ONECard. Completing Undressing Consent is required as part of a student’s residence contract.

Will my completion in this training be included in my transcript?

No, your completion of Mustangs for Consent will not be included in your transcript.

What if I am a survivor of GBSV and I feel unsafe taking this training?

If you are concerned with your ability to complete this training due to your own personal experience of GBSV, please reach out to or visit the GBSV Survivor Support website for support.

I accepted my offer at Western, but now I am deferring to next year. Do I still need to complete the training?

You will need to complete the GBSV training for the year you plan to attend.

What happens if I am unable to complete the training before the deadline?

If you are unable to meet the deadline, you will receive an email with next steps. It is your responsibility to complete the training before the deadline. 

I am an exchange student, do I need to complete the training?

All exchange students need to complete Consent 101 to recieve their Western ONECard. Completing Undressing Consent is strongly encouraged.

I am a transfer student, do I need to complete the training?

All incoming students must complete Consent 101. Completing Undressing Consent is strongly encouraged.

I am a Western-Fanshawe Nursing student, do I need to complete the training?

Students in the Western-Fanshawe Collaborative BScN Program need to complete Consent 101. You will gain access to OWL during the week of August 21, 2024 after you have been activated as a Western student. You will recieve an email when you are eligible to complete your training.

Consent 101 Questions

How do I access Consent 101?

You can access the training here.

Where do I find my OWL password?

The password for OWL is the same password for your other Western accounts. If you forget your password, you can reach out to Western Technology Services here.

Why do I have to complete this training before arriving at campus?

The training must be completed before arriving at campus to ensure all students start their academic year prepared to contribute to a safer campus community with this important foundational knowledge of GBSV response and prevention.

Do I need to complete this training if I am not a first-year student?

Upper year students are not required to complete Mustangs for Consent; however, we encourage all students to complete the training to learn more about how every one of us can contribute to a safer and respectful community at Western.

What can I do if I am experiencing technology issues accessing OWL?

If you are having any issues accessing the OWL site, please reach out to Western Technology Services here.

My Student ID has not been activated yet, so I am unable to access OWL and register for a training, what can I do?

You will need to activate your account before accessing OWL. You can learn more on how to activate your account, here.

For the quiz, how much do I need to score to pass?

A passing grade is at least 6/8.

What happens if I fail the quiz?

If you fail the quiz, you can easily go back through the content to see what you may have missed and retake the quiz. There are no limits to how many times you can take the quiz.

Once I have my certificate, do I need to upload anything to OWL?

No, once you have received your certificate it is automatically uploaded onto your OWL account.

Undressing Consent Questions

I am not in residence, do I need to complete Undressing Consent?

No, you are not required to complete Undressing Consent; however, we strongly encourage all students to complete this additional training to increase your skills and knowledge related to GBSV education and prevention.

How do I sign up for Undressing Consent?

You can sign up for a virtual session, here. You will need to complete Consent 101 beforehand.

Where do I find my Zoom password?

The password for Zoom is the same password for your other Western accounts. If you forget your password, you can reach out to Western Technology Services here.

Where can I see what virtual session I signed up for?

On your OWL, enter the Mustangs for Consent course and under ‘Workshop Sign Up’ you can select “View Meetings I am Signed Up For’ from the drop-down menu.

What happens if I arrive late?

If you arrive late, you may not be able to enter the training. You will need to sign up for a new session. Please ensure you arrive on time.

What happens if I lose my wifi connection?

If you lose wifi connection, please try to rejoin the Zoom session as quickly as possible. If you miss too much content, the facilitators will not be able to let you back into the session and you will need to sign up for a new session.

What happens if I am removed from the Zoom session?

Participants can be removed from the Zoom session for not compiling with the requirements of being alone, being in a private space and having your camera on, disruptive behaviour, or harassing the facilitators or other participants. If you are removed, you will need to sign up for a new session.

How do I get my certificate after the training?

At the end of the training, the facilitators will share a link for you to access your certificate on OWL.

Why do cameras have to be turned on?

Cameras are required to be turned on for the training to ensure students are actively paying attention, to increase feelings of safety, and to create better and more meaningful engagement amongst participants.

Why do I need to be alone for the training?

We require students to be alone and in a private space during the training to ensure participants can focus on the content, to increase privacy because of the subject matter and to reduce distractions during interactive components of the training.

Are the men’s session and the women and non-binary sessions the same?

The first two sections of the training have the same content. In the last section, the men’s session looks at rejection and the women’s and non-binary session looks at sexual desire.

Why are the sessions divided by gender?

Sessions are divided into gender-specific sessions because of the slightly different content addressing the different lived experiences that come from living in a gendered culture. Women and non-binary students are at increased risk of experiencing GBSV, and men are at increased risk of perpetrating violence; therefore, different skills are needed to be discussed with the different groups. Students can select the group that feels most comfortable based off their gender identity.

Why are women grouped together with non-binary students?

We recognize that while non-binary students do not have the same lived experience as cisgender or transgender women, they are at an increased risk of experiencing GBSV and therefore receive the same content. A select number of sessions will be included that will focus exclusively on non-binary, trans and gender-queer students. If you would like to attend one of these sessions, please keep an eye out on the OWL sign up page.

Why does the training talk about sex?

In a training on GBSV, it is important to discuss sex and sexuality because talking openly about sex and sexuality can reduce stigma, help normalize the diversity of sexual experiences amongst our student population and can be a protective factor for reducing experiences of GBSV.

How do I sign up for a session if none of the current times listed work for my schedule?

Future training dates will become available to students for registration gradually throughout the summer. We encourage you to check back frequently for additional dates that will become available and sign up for the earliest that works for your schedule to ensure you complete all your requirements before arriving at Western. The last available session will be on August 25, 2024.

Have a question not answered here?

Email us at We would be happy to answer your question.