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Facilities Management - Maintenance


The Structural services includes the work of Carpenters, Roofing Mechanic, Locksmiths and Locksmith Service Mechanics, Painters, Asbestos Service Mechanics and the Project Crew. The Project Crew can implement departmentally funded renovation projects and some capital projects.

For example, Locksmiths are certified to install and service locksets of all kinds including, standard door locks, keypads, cabinets and desks, and safes. Other services include repairing/replacing automated accessibility door operners, fire separations, and keys.

Did you know...

The Project Crew is our internal solution to renovation on campus, completing dozens of small to medium sized projects each year for customers across campus.



We have 4 Carpenters, 3 Painters, 3 Locksmiths, 2 Service Mechanics, 1 Roofing Mechanic and a varying number of tradespersons involved with the Project Crew.

For service regarding our structural operations, please contact Client Services.

For estimates for small to medium sized projects, please request an estimate.