Recycling & Waste

Facilities Management - Maintenance


Recycling services include the work of our caretakers, retrieving recyclable materials from building receptacles and dedicated recycling operators, who collect recycling from the 130 loading docks on campus. Materials are sorted in Western's recycling centre into large bulk bins for transfer to a recycle broker. Materials include fridges/freezers, lab equipment, concrete, fluorescent bulbs, electronic equipment, beverage containers, scrap metals, cardboard, paper products, and organics (in select locations).

For example, the standard recycling chain includes caretaking services removing recyclables as they empty garbage bins from their service areas on campus. The materials are taken down to the loading docks and left for recycling operators to retrieve. The items are taken to our on-site recycling centre and prepared for transfer to a local certified recycling facility.

Did you know...

Western diverts approximately 2.6 million pounds of material from the waste stream to a renewable resource each year.


  • collection from end-user receptacles
    (ie: offices, corridors, outdoor bins)
  • installation and maintenance of receptacles
  • sorting and distribution for transfer off-site
  • collection of non-traditional recyclables
    (ie: batteries, organics, e-waste)


There are Caretakers and Recycling Operators on our team.

For service regarding our Recycling operations, please contact Client Services.