Facilities Management - Maintenance


The Electrical Shop oversees the electrical systems associated with end devices (ie: lighting, receptacles), motor control systems, fire alarms, and central fire monitoring.

For example, London Hydro provides service to the 3 electrical sub-stations on campus. Once on campus, our electricians control electrical distribution between the 55 sub-stations and each of the building terminals. In the event of a partial outage, our staff can re-routed power between the sub-stations.

Did you know...

Facilities Management’s electricians maintain Western's fire/smoke alarms, including repair and replacement.


  • Create, maintain, and restore Western’s electrical grid
  • Install and service electrical distribution, supplying lighting, appliances, receptacles, and end devices
  • Service and repair/replace fire detectors and monitoring
  • Service emergency lighting systems


There are Electricians on our team.

For the Electrical Shop's assistance, please complete and submit an Electronic Work Order Request form or contact Client Services.