Mechanical Services


Our mechanical services includes the work of Plumbers, Steam Fitters, Refrigeration Mechanics, Sheet Metal Mechanics, and Welders.

For example, a Sheet Metal Mechanic creates and repairs the kilometres of ductwork traveling behind walls and ceilings essential to circulating the air in and out of Western's occupied space.

Did you know...

Each Spring, Fitters dedicate three weeks to filling giant coils with water as they prepare them to be chilled, providing air conditioning across campus during the warmer summer months.


  • Maintenance and repair for commercial refridgeration systems
    (i.e. walk-in reridgerators, water coolers, etc.)
  • Maintenance for laboratory equipment
    (i.e. low temperature cabinets, environmental chambers)
  • Layout and fabricate metal products
    (i.e. ductwork, dampers, louvres, etc.)
  • Steam distribution on campus (i.e. heating/cooling systems)
  • Maintenance for gas fired equipment
    (i.e. boilers, water heaters, etc.)
  • Maintenance for water systems on campus
    (i.e. vacuum pumps, sanitary systems, swimming pool systems, etc.)


There are Plumbers, Steam Fitters, Gas Fitters, Refridgeration Mechanics, Welders, and Sheet Metal Mechanics on our team.

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