Engineering Services

Facilities Management - Engineering DesignElectrical Engineering

Our electrical team consists of two full-time staff providing support within Facilities Engineering as well as with all groups within Facilities Management including our Business Operation, Building Services, and Facilities Operations.

The size and scope of electrical work varies greatly on a daily basis, ranging from direct phone assistance to external campus customers, to full-scale designs and project coordination for electrical equipment replacements. They develop projects for upgrading the existing building systems and components as well as major electrical infrastructure upgrades and improvement to provide power to the buildings and systems operating within them.

Providing additional power to existing and renovated spaces is done on an ongoing basis to support the electrical power requirements of the community. Interior and exterior lighting replacements and retrofits across campus each of which is aimed to reduce the operating and energy cost of lighting the buildings inside and out. Efforts to upgrade campus fire protection systems support both Fire Safety and our O&M Electrical Shop.

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering team designs, retrofits and optimizes building systems, including indoor environmental quality and LEED® projects.

Our experienced team implements new technologies and systems, effectively improving the buildings and the comfort of the occupants while maintaining a high quality of service. The team also provides technical support for all new construction projects and develops/maintains equipment standards.

Energy & Water Management

Facilities Engineering has a multi-disciplinary team that works on conservation and efficiency projects. For the last 25 years, we have done improvements to the buildings and their systems to save both water and energy.

Energy projects include:

  • lighting retrofits
  • steam insulation
  • metering
  • energy audits
  • building automation and system upgrades

Water projects include:

  • replacing showerheads with water-efficient units
  • replacing water-cooled laboratory equipment
  • plant optimizations (i.e. installation of a cistern to catch rainwater for flushing toilets)

The team is also engaged in greenhouse gas emissions quantification and reduction.

Learn more about our Energy and Water initiatives.