Heating & Cooling

Facilities Management - Maintenance


Heating and cooling campus buildings is a combined effort that includes the power plant (providing steam in the winter and chilled water in the summer), Western Environmental Systems (WES) Controls (monitoring the automated climate systems), controls mechanics (servicing electrical hardware on-site) and fitters (servicing mechanical hardware on-site).

Did you know...

Unlike at home, the switch from heating to cooling or cooling to heating in Western’s 85+ buildings can take up to three weeks and requires outdoor temperatures to be in a consistent, 'safe' range.


  • Create and maintain heating and cooling systems throughout campus
  • Create and distribute steam for cleaning equipment and heating buildings
  • Provide chilled water service for cooling equipment and providing air conditioning to buildings
  • Generate and distribute high-pressure air


There are Power Plant Operators, WES Controllers, Controls Mechanics, and Fitters on our team.

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