Cleaning & Caretaking

Cleaning & Caretaking

Caretakers are proud members of the Western University team and eager to foster partnerships with each and every customer. Our staff is dedicated to providing top-notch service in all aspects of their work. In addition to our busy cleaning frequencies, caretakers regularly inspect deluge showers, eyewash stations, and respond to move requests.

Campus Operations

Campus Caretaking responsibilities are to maintain a clean, safe environment for Western's faculty, staff, students, and visitors leaving a positive impression.

Campus Caretaking is responsible for approximately 48 buildings and has approximately 120 caretaking staff to oversee these areas. Our services include looking after all of the University of Western Ontario cleaning requirements, including:

  • general cleaning
  • floor maintenance
  • changing lights
  • recycling and waste removal in areas like classrooms, corridors, entrances, laboratories, libraries, lounges, offices, and washrooms

Should you have a request for service or maintenance in your area, please contact us by calling 519-661-3304 x83304 or by emailing

Residence Operations

Residence Caretaking Operations support the best student experience at Western through clean and safe living areas and with prompt response to maintenance requests.

Building Supervisors and Caretakers at the residence properties manage and maintain all common areas. In-room cleanings are completed on various frequencies in traditional residences. In total 75+ caretakers on staff look after more than 4923 beds in 9 buildings!

Apartment-style coordination is provided in the Ausauble, Beaver, Bayfield, Lambton, and Platt's Lane facilities. Summer residence caretaking operations provide a friendly and inviting environment to guests in support of summer conferences.

In addition, Caretaking and Housekeeping services are also provided at the Spencer Hall Conference Centre.

Should you have a request for service or maintenance in residence please contact your residence's front desk.