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Visual Art Lot - reopening as of January 2, 2018

The reopened Visual Arts lot will be ungated, and will be accessible to orange core (CNR) permit holders between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm, Monday to Friday, beginning January 2. The lot will be available for complimentary parking to non-permit holders, Monday to Friday from 7 pm to 7 am, as well as through the weekend to Monday mornings at 7 am.

Parkers utilizing the Visual Arts lot outside of their eligible periods could be subject to a $70 parking infraction.

Visual Arts Lot Schedule Summary:
Monday-Friday - 7 am - 7 pm - orange core permit holders only
Monday-Friday - 7 pm - 7 am - complimentary parking
Friday, 7 pm-Monday, 7 am - compimentary parking

honk programHonk Mobile - pay-by-phone is now widely available on main campus!

Western Parking is pleased to announce the expansion of the Honk Mobile park-by-phone service to ALL on-campus metered areas. This includes pay and display areas, as well as all single space meter parking spots, bringing the number of pay-by-phone spaces from 54 to 430!

How to use:

Download the Honk Mobile App, create an account with your vehicle and payment information, and simple "tap" to park in a Honk Mobile zone. Honk zone numbers are listed on each space meter or at the pay and display terminals.

You can also go to to create your account.

Benefits of using pay-by-phone:

Additional Student Parking

Additional parking is available in the South Valley Lot for students holding a student (GNR) permit beginning at 9:30am each morning until 4pm each weekday afternoon.  This change will remain in effect until further notice.

Student GNR Permits- Availability


Beginning November 1, 2017, a limited number of GNR Winter Term Permits (January 1- April 30, 2018) will be available for sale. 

These permits can be purchased online or in the Parking office. 

The Parking website will be updated as soon as we have sold out of the Winter Term permits.


In order to properly service and provide space for our existing customers, we are temporarily suspending the sale of student (GNR) permits.

Parking Services will continue to monitor availability in our lots and will reopen sales to students if and when we are able.

We thank you for your understanding.

 **Student Reserved permits still available in Medway lot- contact us at for details.

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