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Western Environmental System (WES)

Western Environmental System (WES) is the single most significant tool in energy montoring and control on campus.  It compiles the data from the advanced HVAC system remotely controlling campus air systems, allowing Facilities Management to schedule the shut down of service to areas of non-occupancy (ie: evenings and weekends). The system has control over 30,000 units - everything from fans, pumps and even lights are operated and controlled by our team. The team works closely with contractors, trades and consultants for installing and operating the systems that operate in the buildings.

Western Ennvironmental Systems (WES)The team overseeing the operation of the the WES Controls has developed a real-time energy dashboard, allowing users to monitor the energy use of all campus building. Once visitors open the dashboard, the simple navigation and easy to use map layout, means a quick click gains full access and and up-close look at your building’s electricity use. The historical data is sortable in a number of ways, including tracking data for the day, week, month and year as well as various comparison options. The majority of buildings on campus (50+) are supported by the system and each new building is added as they go online. Retrofitting of older buildings will be a gradual upgrade.