Health and Aging

health and aging

Canada is currently experiencing a shift in demographics. For the first time in our nation’s history, seniors now outnumber children. This shift significantly affects the healthcare system, and means that there is tremendous career potential for those who wish to working with aging adults. The Honors Specialization in Health and Aging provides students with the knowledge they need to understand the health issues of older adults, as well as the effects on health care services. Students who graduate from this module will be well-equipped to work in programs and services geared toward older adults, and also to address systemic challenges.

Honors Specialization in Health and Aging

In order to progress into the Honors Specialization in Health and Aging after first year, students must achieve the following:

  • Minimum grade of 70% in each of Health Sciences 1001A/B, 1002A/B and 1110A/B
  • Minimum grade of 60% in Biology 1201A and 1202B (or Biology 1001A and 1002B)
  • Minimum cumulative average of 70%
  • No course grade below 50% in any subject

NOTE: Due to the limited spaces available in the programs offered by the School of Health Studies, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. 

The Academic Calendar Information below is intended to assist students with program planning. Students are responsible for ensuring their course selection meets their module and degree requirements.

Academic Calendar Information