Degree Options

The School of Health Studies offers students a variety of ways to pursue a Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) degree. Students apply to the School of Health Studies and participate in a common first year of study before applying for admission to a specialization or major prior to their second year.

All degree options within the School of Health Studies are limited enrolment programs. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Health Sciences

Students have the opportunity to learn about and experience a broad range of topics that relate to health across the life span.


Health and Aging

Students develop the knowledge they need to understand the health issues of older adults, as well as the effects on health care services.


Health Promotion

Health Promotion is a multi-dimensional field of study that helps students acquire health-related knowledge in both the social sciences and life sciences.


Health Sciences with Biology

Designed for students who want to combine the sociocultural perspectives on health offered in Health Sciences courses with the life sciences (chemistry, biochemistry and biology).


Rehabilitation Sciences

This option helps students understand the fundamental factors associated with identifying, treating, and rehabilitating members of society with a goal of improving qualify of life.


Other Options

A minor in Health Sciences and a dual degree with the Ivey Business School are just a few of the other options available to Health Sciences students.