Course Withdrawal

Students who are unsure about dropping a course should contact an academic counsellor in the School of Health Studies.

Important Dates

November 12: Last day to drop a first term half course (A of F) without receiving a failing grade.
November 30: Last day to drop a full course and full-year half course without receiving a failing grade.
March 7: Last day to drop a second term half course (B or G) without receiving a failing grade./

Dropping a Course

  • Courses dropped before the ADD deadline are deleted from a student's academic record.
  • Courses dropped between the ADD and the DROP deadlines are recorded as a WDN (withdrawn without academic penalty).
  • Courses dropped after the DROP deadline are recorded as a failed attempt. Exceptions may be made if there are compelling medical or compassionate grounds that can be documented.
  • A student that is on probation must achieve an average of 60% with no failed courses.
  • A failed course will prevent admission to an honors program in the following year and will reduce a student's chances of future admission to a professional school. Students with more than six failed courses are required to withdraw from the university for at least one year.