About the School of Health Studies

Labatt Health Sciences Building

The School of Health Studies is a diverse community of students and professors committed to improving human health around the globe.

Mission & Vision


Nurture the creativity, curiosity and critical thinking of tomorrow’s global leaders, through transformative interdisciplinary research, education and knowledge mobilization.


Be a global leader in interdisciplinary research and education in health and health care.

Strategic Focus

Life Course

We investigate health and health care issues with an appreciation to the entire life course from early childhood through ageing and into the final stages of life.

Determinants of Health

We emphasize equally, the significance of personal and social determinants of health, embracing the complexity of specific impacts on access to and use of health care and the individual’s health experience.


It is our goal to optimize well-being of person through our intense investigation of health systems and policy with an aim to mobilize knowledge across health care in an effort to promote better health for all. We prioritize the education of future leaders in health and health care through novel learning experiences that encourage disruptive and innovative solutions to emerging health issues.