Book an Appointment

NOTE: This booking system is provided by a third party (BookedIN). We recommend that students do not include any personal or confidential information when completing the comments/reasons for booking sections of the form. Students who wish to not share information online through this booking system may schedule an appointment by calling the School office.

To schedule an appointment with an undergraduate academic counsellor in the School of Health Studies, please use the online booking system below. Please review the various appointment types and determine which best fits your needs.

Once you have submitted your appointment request, a member of our team will review it. There are certain situations in which we may have to cancel your appointment. If you receive a cancellation notice, we will follow up with you by email to provide more information.

Reasons for cancellation could include:

  • Inquiring about transferring to Health Studies
  • Graduation check request (managed by email)
  • Certain types of special permissions (managed by email)
  • Incorrect appointment type (you will be directed accordingly in our follow-up email)
  • Incorrect office (the type of information you’ve requested is handled by a different office)
  • Incomplete information (if you did not provide sufficient detail for the reason for your appointment your appointment may be cancelled until we can clarify the details)
  • You are not a current Western student
  • Requesting academic consideration for missed work or missed midterm/exam

Our intention in the School of Health Studies is to answer your questions as efficiently and effectively as possible. This means that, depending on the nature of your question, it may be answered by email, at the front desk by an Undergraduate Assistant, or by one of the Academic Counsellors. Regardless of how your question is answered, or by whom, we are committed to providing you with complete and correct information.