Undergraduate Programs in Health Studies

Looking to have a positive impact on the health and wellness of people around the globe? The School of Health Studies can be a gateway to a world of opportunity. Students will develop an appreciation for the world's emerging health issues and be inspired to think globally and strategically to create innovative solutions.



The first stop for students interested in joining Western's School of Health Studies. Get information about admission requirements, prerequisite courses, application procedures/deadlines and more. 

Your First Year

your first year

Undergraduate students explore a variety of health-related issues through two first-year Health Studies courses that help identify areas of interest for selecting a module/specialization prior to entering second year.

Degree Options


Western's School of Health Studies lets students explore health and wellness from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives through a variety of courses, modules and experiential learning opportunities.

Academic Advising


Academic advisors in the School of Health Studies are available to help students get the most out of the academic careers and provide information and advice regarding a variety of academic issues.