Intent to Register (ITR)

Students planning to return to Western in September must complete the Intent to Register (ITR) process to be permitted access to course selection during summer registration through the Student Center.

The information outlined below is intended to help guide students through the ITR process.


Students must complete Intent to Register (ITR) between March 1 and March 31.

Where and How?

Most students are able to complete the ITR process online.


NOTE: Students may access the system as many times as they would like to make changes until ITR closes. Only the most recent submission will be used as ITR moves forward.

Manual ITR

Some students may required to complete and submit a manual ITR form, which can be picked up in the School of Health Studies Administration/Academic Counselling Office. Students required to complete the manual ITR process are:

  • New concurrent degree students
  • Second degree students
  • First-year students continuing in a common first-year program

Selecting a Module

When selecting a module through the ITR process, please consider the following:

For Kinesiology programs, you can also research using the program planning guides online.

Additional Modules

  • Students interested in focusing their elective courses throughout their degree on a second subject area can select to add an additional Major or Minor to their 1st choice when completing the ITR process.
  • It is not mandatory to select an additional major or minor.
  • Additional modules do no impact admissions into professional programs.
  • Adding an additional Major module to an Honors Specialization will require careful planning to allow students to complete the modules in four years.
  • An additional module can be removed from a student's program if they decide in future years that they no longer wish to complete it.

Additional Modules (open only to Faculty of Health Sciences students)

  • Minor in Rehabilitation Sciences
    • There are 40 spaces available each year

Progressing Health Sciences Students

  • Students not making any changes to their program do not need to complete an Intent to Register
  • Students who wish to make any of the following changes will need to submit an Intent to Register:
    • Add or drop an additional module
    • Switch from the Major in Health Sciences to the Honors Specialization
    • Switch from one Health Sciences Honors Module to another
  • It is not necessary for senior Health Sciences students to select a 'Second Choice Option'

The ITR Timeline


  • The Intent to Register process opens for the School of Health Studies
  • Students should make Health Sciences their first choice and select a back-up program outside of Health Sciences


  • Students with extenuating medical/compassionate circumstances that impacted their academic performance can submit a letter of support and documentation
    • Deadline: April 30


  • The School of Health Studies begins its review of ITR submissions based on grades from September-April only
  • Minimum 70% average with no grade less than 60% required to be guaranteed to progress within the School of Health Studies
    • Some modules have competitive averages and achieving the minimum does not guarantee a spot
  • Based on ITR submissions, Progression/entrance decisions will deem students ELIGIBLE or NOT ELIGIBLE for progression/entrance in the School of Health Studies
  • Progression/entrance decisions are posted on Student Center in early June

ELIGIBLE for Health Sciences

  • Students deemed ELIGIBLE to progress in/enter the School of Health Sciences should:
    • Review the academic requirements of the module to which they were admitted
    • Check Student Center for their course registration appointment date (issued by the Registrar's Office)
    • Year 2 course selection typically takes place in July
  • Information on course selection is posted in the Upper-Year Registration section of the website

NOT ELIGIBLE for Health Sciences

  • Students deemed NOT ELIGIBLE to progress with/enter the School of Health Studies should refer to the Progressions Information Document for assistance in with course selection in order to prepare for a possible return/entrance to the School of Health Studies and to ensure graduation within four years
  • In order for students to be considered competitive for re-admission to the School of Health Studies, they must earn a minimum 70% average with no course grade less than 60% in year 2
  • Returning to the School of Health Studies in year 3 is possible and students will be required to complete a combination of year 2 and year 3 Health Sciences courses

ITR Video and Presentation

Did Extenuating Circumstances Impact Your Academic Performance?

Students who had extenuating circumstances impact their academic performance are encouraged to complete a Letter of Support. The letter must be submitted to by April 30. If applicable, students should submit copies of supporting documentation along with their Letter of Support.