First-Year Registration

All new students accepted to the School of Health Studies are encouraged to sign up for a one-on-one meeting with Summer Academic Orientation (SAO) to help them choose courses and prepare for their first year of study.

Students in first year choose 5.0 courses numbered 1000-1999. All students in Health Sciences Year One must select the following courses:

  • Health Sciences 1001A (0.5)
  • Health Sciences 1002B (0.5)
  • Health Sciences 1111A/B (0.5)
  • Biology 1001A (0.5)
  • Biology 1002B (0.5)

The remaining 2.5 courses are electives students choose from the courses numbered 1000-1999.

Note: Students interested in taking the Honors Specialization in Health Sciences with Biology module, will need to review the Academic Calendar for additional first-year requirements.

Registration Information

Choosing Electives in First Year

When selecting electives, students should try to think about future modules they may want to take at Western. For example:

  • Students interested in the Honors Specialization in Health Sciences with Biology will need to take a full course in Chemistry, and will need a full course in Math by the end of second year
  • Students interested in completing a double major with Psychology, should ensure theyhave selected Psychology 1000 and a full course in math

Students should use the Academic Calendar to explore potential modules and course descriptions to find out more about courses that may be of interest. Use the Fall/Winter Timetable to see which courses are offered and when they are scheduled.

Tip: You can filter the timetable to show you only first year courses (1000-1999).

Timetable Filter

Registration Constraints

When students are selecting courses, there maybe extra enrolment condiitions that restrict or delay their access to register in courses. These conditions are referred to as constraints. There are two types of constraints:

  • Priority – A temporary constraint that limits registration to a particular group of students (e.g. students at a particular campus or in a specific module/program) for a specific period of time.
  • Restriction – A contstraint that limits registration to a particular group for the duration of the course registration period.

The Western Timetable provides information on the speciific contstraints for each course.

Breadth Requirements for First Year

Students are required to meet the breadth requirements for bachelor’s degrees in order to widen their knowledge and understanding across a broader range of disciplines. Each student at Western must take at least 1.0 course from each of three categories (A, B and C). First-year students must include 1.0 course from two of the three categories.

Category A: Social Science
Category B: Arts and Humanities
Category C: Science

Essay Credits

As part of eventual graduation requirements, students are required to take essay courses. See Graduation Requirements for essay course requirements for the degree.

In first year, students should consider taking a course that satisfies both the breadth requirement, and part of the essay requirement. For example, Women’s Studies 1020E counts as both a category B course and an essay course, as do English 1020E, Philosophy 1000E, Film Studies 1020E, Writing 1000F/G and Writing 1020F/G.

Registering for Courses

Western has a timetabling tool called Draft My Schedule, where students can build a conflict-free timetable before registering for courses. Review this New Student information for details on how to read the academic calendar, use the registration system and some helpful tips to make enrolment easier.

Once a conflict-free timetable has been created, students can add their courses in Student Center. Use the step-by-step Visual Detailed Guides for assistance with adding, dropping and swapping courses.

Course Selection Workshop Video

If you are a new student in the School of Health Studies, welcome - we are excited to have you join us in September! Please take the time to watch this video, to better understand course selection rules and tips for Health Sciences students. If you still have questions after watching the video and haven't yet booked a one-on-one appointment with a Summer Academic Orientation Advisor, you can do so here:

Need More Assistance?

For assistance with course registration or questions about admissions, OSAP, forms of financial assistance, scholarships, tuition and other fees, contact Western Chat.

  • Registration Helpline: 519-661-2100
    For technical issues relating to start in September
  • Email a question: