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Dr. Sean Shieh

Mineral Physics

Sean Shieh

Associate Professor
Ph.D. University of Hawaii, 1998
Office: BGS 1066
Lab: BGS 0135
Phone: (519) 850-2467
Fax: (519) 661-3198

Research Interests

Mineral physics; high-pressure and high-temperature experiment using a diamond anvil cell; Material study under extreme P-T conditions; Structures and dynamics of the Earth's and planetary interiors; Characterization of materials (e.g. equation of state, phase transition, elasticity, strength, rheology) using synchrotron X-ray and Raman spectroscopy; Exploration of novel and super-hard materials; Material-fluid interaction.

Selected Publications

Courses Taught

Earth Sciences 2230: Introduction to Geochemistry (2013)
Earth Sciences 2241: Hazardous Earth (2007 - )
Earth Sciences 3321: Physics of the Earth I (2005)
Earth Sciences 4421: Physics of the Earth II (2005 - 2006)
Earth Sciences 4424: Advanced Mineral Physics (2006 - )
Earth Sciences 4490: Senior thesis (2006 - 2007, coordinator)
Geophysics 9528: Spectroscopy of Materials (2007 - )


Linada Kaci (M.Sc., 2009-2012)
Zhong Ying Mi (Ph.D, 2008-2012)
Arslan Akhmetov (M.Sc., 2007-2008)
Jin Bao Wang (Ph.D, 2004-2006)
Han-Wei Huang (B.Sc., 2003-2004, M.Sc., 2004-2006)
Tzu-Ying Kuo (B.Sc., 2004-2005)

If you are interested in Mineral Physics and materials study under extreme conditions, please feel free to contact me ( M.Sc. and Ph.D. students are welcome.