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Dr. Desmond Moser

Zircon & Accessory Phase Laboratory

Desmond MoserAssociate Professor
Ph.D. Queen's University, 1993
Office: BGS 1070
Labs: BGS 1000C, 1059
Phone: (519) 661-2111 x.84214
Fax: (519) 661-3198
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Research Interests

Dr. Desmond Moser conducts solid Earth and planetary science research using Western’s nationally unique Zircon and Accessory Phase Laboratory (ZAPLab). Micromineral crystal growth and deformation analysis (e.g. CL, EBSD) is integrated with field mapping, microchemical (EDS, WDS), petrologic and mass spectrometry measurements (radiogenic and stable isotopes) at Western and partner institutes. His active projects investigate meteorites, crustal cross-sections, kimberlite xenoliths, sedimentary basins and impact structures in the Americas, Africa and Europe. His ZAPLab team is advancing our knowledge of the timing and nature of processes that form and modify planetary crusts and ore deposits while advancing the growing sub-discipline of accessory mineral science.

Selected Publications

Courses Taught

Earth Sciences 2130Y: Geography & Geology of Southwestern Ontario
Geology 9559: Isotopic Dating of Planetary and Resource Evolution
Geology/Geophysics Grad Seminar 9580 - alternate years


Lisa Cupelli, Ph.D.
Nik Ganderton, M.Sc.
Sean Fulcher, M.Sc.

Current Projects Available:

  1. Zircon microstructure and Oxygen-U-Pb isotope behaviour in large meteorite impacts (e.g. Vredefort, Sudbury)
  2. EBSD and U-Pb dating of meteorites, particularly planetary achondrites (e.g. martian, lunar)
  3. Direct dating of ductile deformation using U-Pb geochronology
  4. The evolution of early to late Archean cratons and their diamond deposits (e.g. Eoarchean Nuvvuagittuq assemblage, Quebec, Superior province kimberlite xenoliths)
  5. EBSD, Colour+UV SEM- Cathodoluminescence, and trace element analysis of accessory minerals