• Western rocks the crater in unique Sudbury field course

    Thirty-two students from Western and around the world will be journeying almost two billion years back in time in a unique, intensive one-week field course to study the planet’s second-largest impact crater. Prof. Gordon (Oz) Osinski, acting director of Western’s Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX), will lead a graduate class to the Sudbury Crater, a terrestrial motherlode for space enthusiasts, in a field school to study impact craters.

  • NSERC backs Western research projects

    As avian malaria and other parasites continue to spread northward into new habitats, wildlife health experts are sounding the alarm of potential threats to global health up and down the food chain, according one Western researcher.

  • Undergrad Awards applaud student scholars

    Research papers by two Western students – Amy Lewis and Bridget Murphy – were selected as the best in the world through The Undergraduate Awards, a global academic competition that celebrates the world’s brightest undergraduate students.

  • Western University researchers are getting $20M in federal funding

    More than $20 million in federal funds is flowing into Western University. London Liberal MPs Kate Young and Peter Fragiskatos made the $20.6-million funding announcement Friday to support several research projects at Western -- including a multi-year study into how parasites affect song sparrows.