Assistance, Health and Wellness

There are many avenues for seeking help at Western. Here we list some resources from the simple, like not being able to find a room, to mental health and wellbeing.

Chemistry Care Zones

What is a Care Zone? Care Zone representatives offer a safe a friendly door where you can ask a question without feeling like you are bothering or interrupting someone's work, to a confidential place for information exchange, referral services, safety and crisis support. Our Chemistry Care Zone representatives are:

  • Sandra (Sandy) Zakaria Holtslag, MSA 1235,
  • Chris Levy, CHB 117 & 089,
  • Felix Lee, MSA 1202,
  • Darlene McDonald, CHB 116,
  • Anna Vandendries-Barr, CHB 120,

Student Health

Student Health and Wellness offers assistance ranging from financial advice, medical needs and psychological support and counselling. You'll need to book an appointment for non-urgent needs.

A variety of modalities are available to support mental health.

For immediate mental health support see the crisis information page. Remember help is available 24/7.

Learning to cope with stress and anxiety is a lifelong process, and some self-help resources are listed here.

International students can seek further assistance navigating Ontario’s unfamiliar healthcare system through Western International.

Slides from the July 16, 2021, seminar on Mental Wellbeing