Emergency Contacts

In case of a building emergency that necessitates an immediate evacuation:

  • Activate the Chemistry building alarm using a pull-station
  • Safely and quickly exit the building by the nearest exit
  • If the Chemistry Building is in alarm, meet the University / City of London first responders at the Perth Drive entrance (exit to the Chemistry parking lot), if the Biological and Geological Sciences (BGS) Building is in alarm meet first responders on Middlesex Drive (between the Natural Sciences Building and the Physics and Astronomy Building). 

In an event that does not require immediate evacuation of the building, but requires urgent attention, contact one of the leadership team below after ensuring the space is safe.

Dialing 911 from a campus phone connects to campus police; they will dispatch the necessary emergency personnel such as SERT, HAZMAT, Fire Prevention, Campus Police, or external services.

Robert Hudson, Department Acting Chair
Office: ChB 120A
Campus phone extension: 83122
Off-campus phone: 519-317-0952
E-mail: chem.chair@uwo.ca  

Brian L. Pagenkopf, Department Safety Committee Chair
Office: 2020 BGS
Campus phone extension: 81430
Off-campus phone: 519-630-6321
E-mail: bpagenko@uwo.ca 

Campus Police / Fire Prevention
Emergency: 911 - do not dial 9 first from a campus phone
Inquiries: extension 83300
Off-campus phone for inquiries and campus 911 from a cell phone: 519-661-3300

Facilities Management: 24-Hour Services and Maintenance
Campus phone extension: 83304
Off-campus phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 83304