First Aid Kits and Responders

Locations of First Aid Kits and Responders:

  • Third Floor
    • Kit Location: Outside ChB 310
    • Closest responder: Monica Vasquez (Gillies Lab)
  • Second Floor
    • Kit Location: Across from ChB 202 and by BGS 2006 (note two lab doors)
    • Closest responders in BGS:  Justin Lomax (Ragogna Lab); Leslie Kelley (Blaquiere Lab)
    • Closest responders in ChB: Mria Chowdhury (Hudson Lab)
  • First Floor
    • Kit Location: Inside ChB 105 (lounge)
    • Closest responders: Chris Levy
  • Ground Floor
    • Kit Location: Beside ChB 23
    • Closest responder: Yang Song
  • Ground Floor
    • Kit Location: Outside MSA 0216 (NMR lab)
    • Closest responder: Yang Song and Matthew Willans
  • Lower Ground Floor
    • Kit Location: Outside ChB 090 (old chemistry addition)
    • Closest responder: Shan Jiang
  • Basement
    • Kit Location: Outside ChB 023 (electronics shop)
    • Closest responder: Yuhua Chen (ChemBioStores)

First Aid Kits should be inventoried once a month by the responder. Requests for supplies for restocking should be sent to Chris Levy (, who will forward them to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).