Game Development

Two Individuals at a computer, one wearing a virtual reality headset

Games are serious business. In fact, video games generate more revenue each year than music, film, television, and books. Making a successful video game is not child’s play either. Computing, naturally, plays a big role from programming, to graphics, to audio, to physical simulation, to online support, and more. Computer Science at Western has what it takes to prepare you for this exciting, challenging, and creative field, and has been ranked in the top 50 universities in the world to study game development for three years running – something you won’t find anywhere else in Canada!

Minor in Game Development

In 2016, the Princeton Review named Western Computer Science among the top destinations in the world to study game design. Our Minor in Game Development examines the design and programming of games, leveraging the latest engines and technologies, and culminating in a year-long game development project modelled after industry practices. Western was one of the first universities in Canada and around the world to introduce studies in gaming.