Research Hubs


As a research-intensive institution, Western’s investigation into more sophisticated and complex topics is enhanced by collaboration within and between departments and faculties. Such joint research ventures, translated into centres of expertise, cross traditional research disciplines, support the interdisciplinary investigation and bolster the potential for game-changing results.

Centre for Advanced Materials and Biomaterials Research (CAMBR)

Brings scholars from across Western as well as external stakeholders for research and education in materials and biomaterials.

Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES)

Provides a vital forum that brings together researchers from across Western to engage in interdisciplinary research that addresses the impact humanity has on climate change and the environment.

Soochow University-Western University Centre (SWC)

An international collaboration for Synchrotron Radiation Research emerging from world-class facilities that strives to be a global leader in the interdisciplinary research and education of synchrotron science.


Institute for Earth & Space Exploration

Image of the night sky

The Institute for Earth and Space Exploration at Western University is the leading organization for Earth and space exploration research and training in Canada. The mission of the Institute is to lead in interdisciplinary research and innovation in Earth and space exploration and to strengthen and grow the Canadian Earth and space exploration communities through inspiring and training the next generation of scientists, engineers, social scientists, and entrepreneurs.

The Institute for Earth and Space Exploration was established in June 2019 and builds on the foundations of the former Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration that was established in 2008. The Institute is home to 61 researchers from the following 8 faculties and 19 departments including our own Earth Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, and Chemistry departments.

The Institute for Earth and Space Exploration concentrates on excellence in problem-based interdisciplinary research, national and international leadership, training and education, and public engagement and outreach.


World-class facilities, providing tools and services that facilitate transformational science research, are among the pillars of Western Science infrastructure. Available to our campus community, other academic institutions, and industry stakeholders, each facility is built to meet the evolving analytical requirements of twenty-first-century  research and development.

Advanced Facility for Avian Research (AFAR)

A research facility in a league of its own dedicated to the study of bird physiology, neurobiology, and behaviour.

Surface Science Western

Consulting and research laboratory specializing in material and surface analysis for manufacturers, quality controllers, and industrial and government clients.

Nanofabrication Laboratory

State of the art imaging and training facility for examining materials at the nano-scale.


A consortium of 18 Canadian academic institutions who share a network of high-performance computers to solve complex and computationally intensive problems.

BIOTRON Experimental Climate Change Research

A unique, purpose-built facility that supports research on biotic and abiotic processes in the environment, and specializes in the simulation of natural environments at a range of scales.

Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform

A consortium of academic and industry partners who are working together apply computational tools to answer complex problems.