Our Values

Beam of light being focused

The purpose of science is to make sense of the world; to act on our understanding in order to preserve the essential components of life, to heal, to adapt, to innovate, and to evolve. Our mandate, as scientists, researchers, scholars, and instructors is to explore the unknown, unveil the unseen, translate the obscure, enrich public discourse, enlighten policy decisions, facilitate economic development and train the next generation. This is a tall order, which we tackle daily with the support and collaboration of the wider academic community, industry, and government.

In this section, we share the values that underpin the Science community at Western.

We invite you to become familiar with our areas of research focus; the big questions being addressed; the eureka moments and the people behind them by going to the Research section of the website or by following us on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to hear about discoveries that will shape the future of humanity.