Featured Award Recipient

Patricia Corcoran, Fallona Family Interdisciplinary Science Award

Patricia Corcoran HeadshotPatricia Corcoran is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Earth Sciences at Western University. Recruited to Western in 2003, her research focuses on natural and anthropogenic sedimentary deposits in order to gain an understanding of Earth’s changing surface and atmospheric processes through time. One significant element of Corcoran’s research concerns the distribution, accumulation, and degradation of plastic debris in benthic sediment, surface water, and fish of lakes, rivers and oceans Her work on microplastics pollution involves collaboration with members of the Federal and Provincial Governments, local Conservation Authorities, First Nations Communities, and academics in the disciplines of chemistry, biology, engineering, statistics, mathematics, visual arts, and the humanities. Patricia Corcoran’s research has been featured by media outlets across the globe, including National Geographic, the Huffington Post, Science Magazine, the New York Times.

Canada Research Chairs

The Canada Research Chairs Program fund some of the world’s most accomplished and promising minds. Meet the Canada Research Chairs at Western Science:

Brian Branfireun | Canada Research Chair in Environment and Sustainability

Brian Branfireun 
Research Focus: Taking an interdisciplinary environmental science approach, Dr. Branfireun and his research group seek to understand the bidirectional nature of hydrological – ecological interactions at a range of scales. They direct their efforts toward ecosystems that are particularly sensitive to the impacts of natural and human-induced environmental change.

Peter Brown | Canada Research Chair in Planetary Small Bodies

Peter Brown 
Research Focus: Dr. Peter Brown studies small bodies of the solar system with particular emphasis on meteors, meteorites, meteoroids, and asteroids answering basic questions about the origin and evolution of small bodies in the solar system.

Giovanni Fanchini | Canada Research Chair in Carbon-based nanomaterials and nano-optoelectronics

Giovanni Fanchini
Research Focus: Dr. Giovanni Fanchini's research encompasses the preparation of carbon-based and organic nanomaterials and their use for the fabrication of optical and electronic devices such as thin film transistors and solar cells. In pursuing this topic, Dr. Fanchini utilizes specific characterization and modeling activities that focus on the spectroscopic investigation of electronic devices during operation.

Katsuichiro Goda | Canada Research Chair in Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment

Katsuichiro Goda 
Research Focus: Dr. Katsuichiro Goda is developing an integrated multi-hazard framework for enhancing disaster risk preparedness and management related to earthquakes. He and his research team will integrate a wide range of new, state-of-the-art hazard and risk models into a comprehensive methodology by considering uncertainty associated with predictions of hazards and risks. The resulting assessment tools will improve current practices related to preparing multi-hazard maps. They will also improve the ability of households, municipalities, and insurers to bear financial risks.

Mikko Karttunen | Canada Research Chair in Computational Materials and Biomaterials Science

Miko Karttunen 
Research Focus: Dr. Karttunen is developing reliable, quantitative, predictive and faster computer simulations capable of accurately modelling bio-based materials. He uses computational modelling to understand biomaterial properties, to demonstrate how bio-inspired materials interact with biological materials, like cell membranes, and uses simulations to inform the development of biocompatible materials for drug delivery.

Fred Longstaffe | Canada Research Chair in Stable Isotope Science

Fred Longstaffe 
Research Focus: Dr. Fred Longstaffe's main focus is environmental chemistry and climate reconstructions of past environments. A recent advancement, however, has allowed his laboratory to expand into new research areas including the investigation of anthropological materials to examine past diet and agricultural practices, as well as the investigation of meteoritic material to better understand the building blocks of our solar system.

Stanimir Metchev | Canada Research Chair in Extrasolar Planets

Stanimir Metchev
Research Focus: Stanimir Metchev's research is on planetary systems around nearby stars and on the atmospheres of brown dwarfs and exoplanets. He also uses the spectra of extrasolar planets to directly probe the physical extent of planetary systems and of the chemistry of exoplanetary atmospheres.

Natasha Mhatre | Canada Research Chair in Invertebrate Neurobiology

Natasha Mhatre
Research Focus: Interested in understanding how different animals, particularly invertebrates, perceive sounds and also vibrations. Natasha's research uses different experimental techniques like laser vibrometry and 3D uCT imaging, and couples them with physics and mechanics based modelling to understand how these two types of mechanosensory systems function.

Amanda Moehring | Canada Research Chair in Functional Genomics

Amanda Moehring 
Research focus: Dr. Amanda Moehring studies the genetics of complex traits. Her research focuses on the genetic basis of variation in behavior, the genetics of hybrid sterility, and species isolation.

Patrick O'Donoghue | Canada Research Chair in Multi-Hazard Risk Assessment

Patrick O'Donoghue
Research Focus: The O’Donoghue lab investigates how proteome diversity, generated by either protein modification or mistranslation, impacts pathways to cancer and neurodegeneration. My lab established a leadership role in the area of genetic code expansion to investigate the role of disease-linked protein modifications. The lab engineers new methods to produce proteins with programmed modifications and elucidates their role in signaling pathways linked to disease. We recently developed novel fluorescent reporters to visualize errors in protein synthesis or mistranslation in live cells. The lab is now leading efforts to reveal the ability of naturally occurring transfer RNA (tRNA) mutants to induce proteome-wide mistranslation in models of neurodegenerative disease.

Cristian D. Bravo Roman | Canada Research Chair in Banking and Insurance Analytics

Christian Bravo Roman
Research Focus: Credit Scoring, Artificial Intelligence, Profit-driven Analytics.

Tsun-Kong Sham | Canada Research Chair in Materials & Synchrotron Radiation

TK Sham
Research Focus: Experimental and theoretical investigation of the electronic structure of matter and its interplay with materials properties, materials performance in a designed functionality, and spectroscopy. Emphasis is placed on nanomaterials in general and energy materials and nanocarrier for drug delivery in particular. Major ongoing thrusts are (1) synthesis, assembly and characterization of nanomaterials and composites; (2) development and applications of synchrotron capabilities at the Canadian Light Source, a national facility in Saskatoon, and the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory. A detailed description of research areas can be found at the research group homepage.

Grace Yi | Canada Research Chair in Data Science

Grace Yi
Research Focus: With the rapid advancement of technology in acquiring data, large data sets are becoming more accessible than ever before. However, the quality and complexity of data make it challenging to extract useful information for sensible decision-making. Yi’s work addresses these issues in an effort to generate valid, evidence-based results. This research aims to develop novel and flexible modeling, estimation, and learning tools to handle multi-dimensional data that has measurement error and missing observations. Through innovative methodology, this research targets to advance foundational work that leads to scientific applications in public health, medical studies, and data science.

Industrial Research Chairs

Neil Banerjee | NSERC/Yamana Gold Inc. Industrial Research Chair in Advanced Mineral Exploration

Neil Banerjee
Research Focus: Stable isotope biogeochemistry; Microbial alteration of modern and ancient oceanic crust; Evidence for early life on Earth; Formation and evolution of oceanic crust; Geochemical cycling at mid-ocean ridges; Formation of massive sulfide deposits at mid-ocean ridges; The origin and emplacement of ophiolites; Astrobiology.

Blaine Chronik | NSERC/Synaptive Medical Inc. Industrial Research Chair in Magnetic Resonance System Development

Blaine Chronik
Research Focus: Improving MRI, developing new imaging methods, making magnetic resonance systems safe and compatible.

Gordon Osinski | NSERC/MDA/Canadian Space Agency/Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation Industrial Research Chair in Earth and Space Exploration

Gordon Osinski
Research Focus: Dr. Osinski's research interests are diverse and interdisciplinary in nature. His work synthesizes field, remote sensing, and laboratory observations with a range of geochemical data. His current research falls into three main areas: planetary geology, astrobiology, and economic geology.

Faculty of Science Distinguished Research Professorship

Recipients 1980s

Date Recipient Department
1987 J.D. Landstreet Astronomy
1987 V.P. Snaith Mathematics
1987 D.B. Walden Plant Sciences
1988 R.J. Puddephatt Chemistry
1988 R.F. Mereu Geophysics
1989 B.G. Atkinson Zoology
1989 F.J. Longstaffe Geology

Recipients 1990s

Date Recipient Department
1990 J.M. Marlborough Astronomy
1990 G.M. Kidder Zoology
1991 W.J. Meath Chemistry
1991 R.B. Podesta Zoology
1992 S. Caveney Zoology
1992 P.J. Schultz Physics
1993 N.P.A. Huner Plant Sciences
1993 J.F. Jardine Mathematics
1994 H. Jüngensen Computer Science
1995 W.K. Hocking Physics
1995 A.C. Weedon Chemistry
1996 G.M. Bancroft Chemistry
1997 V.W. Elias Applied Mathematics
1998 X. Wu Computer Science
1999 R.M. Corless Applied Mathematics

Recipients 2000s

Date Recipient Department
2000 C.D Ankney Zoology
2001 N.O. Petersen Chemistry
2001 H.W. Nesbitt Earth Sciences
2002 P.R. Norton Chemistry
2002 S. Watt Computer Science
2003 S.M. Singh Biology
2003 J.P. Guthrie Chemistry
2004 D.W. Shoesmith Chemistry
2004 J. Mináč Mathematics
2005 V.A. Miransky Applied Mathematics
2005 T.K. Sham Chemistry
2006 M.A. Lachance Biology
2007 J.S. Millar Biology
2007 J.D. Christensen Mathematics
2008 R. Lipson Chemistry
2009 M. Karttunen Applied Mathematics

Recipients 2010s

Date Recipient Department
2010 H.-B. Kraatz Chemistry
2011 Xingfu Zou Applied Mathematics
2012 Chris Guglielmo Biology
2013 Peter Brown Physics & Astronomy
2013 Irena Creed Biology
2014 Blaine Chronik Physics & Astronomy
2014 Charles Ling Computer Science
2014 Yuri Boykov Computer Science
2014 Zhifeng Ding Chemistry
2015 Charles Trick Biology
2015 Clara Wren Chemistry
2016 Lars Konermann Chemistry
2016 Charles Ling Chemistry
2017 Paul Ragogna Chemistry
2018 Lianna Zanette  Biology
2018 Joe Gilroy Chemistry
2018 Rick Jardine Mathematics
2018 Stan Metchev Physics & Astronomy
2019 Zoe Lindo Biology
2019 Jamie Noel Chemistry
2019 Pauline Barmby Physics & Astronomy
2019 Marcos Escobar Statistical and Actuarial Sciences

The Hellmuth Prizes for Achievement in Research

Recipients within the Faculty of Science

Year Recipient Department
1998 William S. Fyfe Earth Sciences
1999 G. Michael Bancroft Chemistry
2000 Richard J. Puddephatt Chemistry
2001 Michael Locke Biology
2003 Peter Norton Chemistry
2005 Ian V. Mitchell Physics and Astronomy
2015 Shiva Singh Biology
2017 Tsun-Kong Sham Chemistry
2018 Gail Atkinson  Earth Sciences
2020 Jeremy McNeil Biology

Distinguished University Professors

Recipients within the Faculty of Science

Year Recipient Department
2005 Fred J. Longstaffe Earth Sciences
2005 Richard J. Puddephatt Chemistry
2006 Shiva M. Singh Biology
2006 Robert M. Corless Applied Mathematics
2008 Richard Kane Mathematics
2011 Stephen Watt Computer Sciences
2014 Jeremy McNeil Biology
2015 Tsun-Kong Sham Chemistry

Faculty Scholars

Recipients within the Faculty of Science 2000-2015

Year Recipient Department
2005 Matthew Davison Applied Mathematics
2005 Richard Secco Earth Sciences
2005 Mark Workentin Chemistry
2006 John Corrigan Chemistry
2006 Hanan Lutfiyya Computer Science
2007 Shantanu Basu Physics and Astronomy
2007 David Eaton Earth Sciences
2008 Daniel Christensen Mathematics/ Applied Mathematics
2008 Michael Kerr Chemistry
2008 Mark Muser Applied Mathematics/ Physics and Astronomy
2008 Bryan Neff Biology
2009 Lucian Ilie Computer Science
2010 Robert Hudson Chemistry
2010 Heinz-Bernhard Kraatz Chemistry
2010 David Riley Mathematics
2010 Eugene Wong Physics and Astronomy
2011 Kristy Tiampo Earth Sciences
2012 Jan Cami Physics and Astronomy
2012 Christopher Guglielmo Biology
2012 Paul Ragogna Chemistry
2012 Robert Solis-Oba Computer Science
2013 Brent Sinclair Biology
2014 Masoud Khalkhali Mathematics
2014 Desmond Moser Earth Sciences
2014 Paul Wiegert Physics and Astronomy
2015 Zhifeng Ding Chemistry
2015 Sean Shieh Earth Sciences

Recipients within the Faculty of Science 2015-Present

Year Recipient Department
2016 Liana Zanette Biology
2016 Victor Staroverov Chemistry
2016 Sarah Gallagher Physics and Astronomy
2017 Rogemar Mamon Statistical & Actuarial Sciences
2017 Els Peeters Physics and Astronomy
2018 Margaret Campbell-Brown Physics and Astronomy
2018 Joseph Gilroy Chemistry
2018 Gordon Osinski Earth Sciences
2019 Lars Konermann Chemistry
2019 Zoe Lindo Biology