Welcome to the research enterprise at Western Science. Comprised of a community of more than 200 scientists, representing a multiplicity of disciplines in the life, physical and computational sciences, our community is committed to a vision of research excellence that includes both discovery-based research as well as innovation through partnership. Our research efforts aim to drive important discoveries that address key issues facing society and to translate this research into tangible benefits for Canadians.

We now live in a global society of shared resources, advantages, and responsibilities. Climate change and a propensity toward unsustainable consumption are upsetting the natural balance of ecosystems with potentially huge, yet largely unknown risk. Demographics, largely driven by the effects of the great world wars of last century, are challenging societies in areas as diverse as financial markets, new data applications, employment, and healthcare.

The research landscape at universities is also changing to meet these global concerns. Building on a strong foundation of discovery-based research, with exceptional intellectual expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the universities of tomorrow will be a cornerstone in driving the necessary innovation to solve challenges facing the world today. This innovation will require unprecedented collaboration across academia, the private and the public sectors.

To meaningfully engage on the global stage, Canadian universities must work together to maximize complementarity and synergy, while avoiding duplication. We must also be strategic, exploiting areas where we have established advantages and recognize the drivers of Canada’s economy.  At Western Science, the faculty is achieving this goal through engagement in research communities where interdisciplinary research can flourish, and by forging strong partnerships with peer institutions, industry, and government.

I invite you to explore the Research section of our website. Become familiar with the big questions being addressed by our world-class scholars. Follow the progress of some of our exciting research efforts and the people who drive innovation in Science at Western. Find out about our outstanding research facilities and services. And, please do contact us should you be interested in engaging in research collaborations with Western Science to develop new knowledge, forge economic opportunity and to address issues that are of critical importance to us all.

Bryan D. Neff

Associate Dean of Research