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Brescia Parking Permit Update

Effective May 1, 2024, there will be changes to Brescia issued parking permits for Brescia faculty, staff, and student permit holders as well as changes to parking lots.

For more information on these changes, please select your relevant permit below:

Brescia Faculty and Staff Permits

Brescia Student Permits

Brescia Visitor Parking


Student Parking Permits

Student parking permits for the Summer Term (May 1 2024 - August 31 2024) are available for sale online and at the front counter of the Parking Office. 

Monthly student parking permits are available for sale during the summer months at the front counter of the parking office for sale at a cost of $76.56 (Inc HST).

The Annual and Fall Term student parking permits for the upcoming school year starting September 1 2024 will be available for sale online on June 15 2024.  

Service Interruption - Althouse Faculty Staff Parking Lot (Feb 7 - Dec 20)

Access to the Althouse Staff parking lot will be temporarily moved from the south side of Althouse Faculty of Education Building to the north side through the Althouse Student parking lot from February 7 to December 20 to accomodate a new addition to the building. 




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