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Parking & Visitor Services strives to provide safe and convenient parking for the campus community - from first-time visitors to those who call Western their second home. Please contact us with any parking-related questions.

Parking Facts & Tips

  • Permits are not transferable.
  • Pay & Display receipts must be displayed face-up on the driver's side of dashboard and the vehicle plate information on the ticket must match the vehicle in which it is displayed in order to be valid.
  • Hang Tags should be displayed on the rear view mirror when parking in ungated lots such as Elborn, Upper Heating, Westminster and Siebens lots. Enforcement staff must be able to clearly see the permit number.
  • Ensure your Parking Account is up to date and that your vehicle plates are linked to your permit. Instructions for managing vehicles on your account are located here: MANAGE PLATES TIED TO YOUR PERMIT.
  • Park in designated areas only. Be sure to read the signs carefully to ensure you are parking in an appropriate space.
  • Please ensure that your vehicle is parked between the yellow lines.
  • Do not park in or block fire routes, bus stops, buildings or walkway entrances. Do not drive in restricted areas.
  • If all spaces are full in the lot, please move to the next available lot within your authorized zone.
  • Each affiliated college has their own parking pass. Your parking pass is valid only at the campus where you purchased it.
  • Bicycle Lockers are located throughout campus. Contact the Parking Office for more information.
  • A valid Accessible Parking Permit is required to park in an accessible space. Please note meters must be paid when displaying a MTO Accessible Parking Permit.