How to Obtain an Accessible Western Parking Permit

If you currently have a valid Western parking permit...

Bring your Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit, your Vehicle Registration, and your current permit hang tag to Parking and Visitor Services. We will exchange your staff/student permit for an accessible permit.

If you do not have a Western Parking permit...

Complete the required online application according to your status on campus. You will receive an email when your new Accessible Parking Permit is ready for pick up at Parking and Visitor Services.

You will be asked to present your Western ONECard, your Ontario Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit and your Vehicle Registration when you pick up your transponder at the Parking Office.

Permit Rates

Rates for an Accessible Permit are equivalent to the rate you would pay for a non-accessible permit, based on your status on campus.

Using Your Permit

Display your Western Accessible hang tag on your vehicle windshield. You may park at no further charge in any University accessible or metered space. Do not park in spaces marked "Reserved."

Temporary Disabilities

Core, Perimeter, and Undergraduate permit holders who require temporary accessible parking due to accident, injury, surgery, or similar occurrence may apply for accessible access on a temporary basis. Temporary permits are issued for a period of eight weeks or less.