Western Parking Permits

To learn about permit rates and renewal procedures, please select the category below that matches your status on campus. 

Faculty & Staff

If you are employed and paid by Western University. This does not include registered students who are employed on a part-time basis.

Students – undergraduates, professional students and graduate students

If you are a registered student in an undergraduate program at Western, or if you are a registered student who is studying a Master's, PhD, or other authorized graduate degree at Western.


If you are a Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit holder. Consideration may also be given to those with a temporary accessibility issue.


If you are a retired employee of Western University who requires access to parking on campus.


If you are a commercial company, vendor, or contractor who visits Western University regularly to conduct business.

General Service Vehicle

If you are a Western Faculty or Staff person with a paid permit, you may be able to get approval for a GSV permit with departmental approval.

Other Permits

If you do not fall into any of the categories listed here and require University parking privileges.