Student Parking Permits

If you are a student on campus who is also employed by Western (TA, RA, etc.), your student status overrides any Faculty/Staff status. Students in this position are eligible for a student permit, not a Faculty/Staff permit.

Student permits can be purchased online once you've set-up a Parking Account. Click on the 'Need Help?' section on the bottom left of this page for help with creating your Parking Account.

Student permits are limited and are sold based on available space. We encourage students living in residence or close to campus to forego bringing a vehicle to campus. 

Student Parking Zones

Parking permits are not sold by lot; they are sold by zone. Students occupy the green zone, which is comprised of:

  • Althouse West (Tip: fills to capacity by about 10:00 am) 
  • Ontario Hall Lot
  • Medway (Tip: does not usually fill to capacity)
  • Huron Flats (Tip: fills to capacity in September because of football)
  • Springett Student Lot (Tip: fills to capacity by about 8:30 am) 
  • NEW:  South Valley Lot - as of Sept 21, student permits can park in the South Valley Lot between the hours of 10 am and 7 am the next day. GNR/Student permits must not be in the lot between the hours of 7 am and 10 am (M-F) in the morning, to prioritize staff parking. This additional parking option for student permits will be available until further notice but is subject to change.

Periodically student permit holders are given access to additional parking lots on a temporary basis due to special events and construction on campus. Permit holders are asked to obey posted signage as lot access schedules are subject to change.

Summer Parking

During the summer months (May - Aug.), student (green) permit holders have access to all green zone lots as well as the following grey zone lots: Springett Staff lot, and Althouse Staff lot.

Permit Rates

All rates include HST and are subject to change. 
A fully refundable deposit of $30 is required with new permit hang tags.

*Rates for September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022 are listed below.

Student Green Non-Reserved $337.54 $612.51
Student Green Reserved - Medway Lot Only (not available online, contact the office for info.) $678.35 $1220.99
Student Accessible $337.54 $612.51
Note:  the annual permit is sold at a discounted rate for the Fall/Winter terms and also includes the summer term at no charge.
Casual Student Parking
1 Month Permit (subject to availability) $137.36
Other Fees
Hang Tag Refundable Deposit $30.00
Permit Cancellation Fee - see refund cut-off dates below $25.00

Even as one of Canada's largest Universities, Western's parking areas are limited and must be shared by upwards of 500,000 people annually. Possession of a permit does not guarantee a spot in a favourite lot. We ask that you respect the University's parking rules and regulations or consider other sustainable transportation options.

Student Permit Refund Policy

Administration Fee on Permit Refunds

A $25 administration fee is charged for the early return of all permits.

Returning a Term or Annual Permit Early

Students who purchase a term or annual permit and return the permit early will be charged the monthly rate for the period they held the permit for, and will no longer be eligible for the cost savings associated with the purchase of a term/annual permit.

Cut Off Dates for Refund of Permits

Students returning permits after the 4th of the month will be charged for that current month.

The last day for the return of a fall term permit for partial refund is November 4th

The last day for the return of an annual permit for partial refund is February 4th.

The last day for the return of a winter term permit for partial refund is March 4th.

Hang Tag Deposit

The $30 hang tag deposit fee is always returned to customers with no outstanding balances on their parking account. Photo identification is required to obtain a refund.