Parking & Visitor Services
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ticket windshieldIt's Easy to Avoid Parking Infractions on Campus

Read the signs:  parking privileges and rates can vary based on location. Please take care to park in designated areas only and be sure to read the signs carefully to ensure you are parking in an appropriate space.

Additional Student Parking

Additional parking is available in the South Valley Lot for students holding a student (GNR) permit beginning at 9:30am each morning until 4pm each weekday afternoon.  This change will remain in effect until April 30th, 2018. As of May 1st, green student permits will no longer be permitted in the South Valley lot.

Student Permits- Availability

In order to properly service and provide space for our existing customers, we are temporarily suspending the sale of student (GNR) permits as well as student reserved (GRR) permits.

Parking Services will continue to monitor availability in our lots and will reopen sales to students if and when we are able.

We thank you for your understanding.

 **Student evening/weekend permits are still available - contact us at for details.

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