Medical Science Lot/Dental Patient Parking - Disruption Notice

Parking in the Medical Science Lot will be disrupted on Wednesday, August 15th while a crane lift takes place.  This event will impact approximately half of the parking lot during the lift.  Contractors will be on site to ensure pedestrian safety.   

A similar lift will take place on Thursday, August 23rd and will again impact approximately half of the lot.

We thank you for your anticipated cooperation during these events.

Parking Lot Repairs and Upgrades to Note

Over the summer, a number of parking lots on campus will undergo various repairs and upgrades. A number of our customers will be affected and we ask all campus permit holders to view details on which lots will be affected on our SUMMER TERM PARKING PAGE.

The summer term also brings changes to lot availability and rates, these details can also be found at the above link.

Academic Year 2018/2019 Permits - Now Available!

Faculty/staff and student permits for September and the upcoming academic year are now available for purchase.

Permits available online include the student green (GNR) permit, and staff grey (PNR) permits as well as motorcycle permits. Those wishing to renew or purchase one of these parking permits are asked to do so online by logging into the Parking Portal. Click the "Get Permits" tab near the bottom of the screen to complete your transaction. 

All other permit types are only available in person at the Parking Office.

Students - we will have 2400 GNR permits available for the new academic year.

Staff - see the tip below as your permit may be continuous and not require any action from you in order to renew.

Faculty/Staff Parking Permit Renewals - What needs to be done to renew your annual continuous payroll deduction parking permit?

If you have a Continuous Monthly Payroll Deduction parking permit, your permit will automatically renew for the upcoming academic year. Your access to parking on campus will remain uninterrupted until you cancel your parking permit. 

Payroll deduction for parking permits saves you 10% compared with those who choose to buy their permit with other pay methods.


Please confirm the  status of your parking permit to ensure there are no expiry dates associated with itLog in to your Parking Account to ensure your permit displays as “Continuous Monthly Payroll Deduction” – this is the perpetual permit that will not expire unless it is cancelled.

A permit that displays “Monthly Payroll deduction” WILL expire at some point – so if you have this kind of permit on your account and you would like the continuous payroll deduction permit, that does not expire please contact the Parking Office and we can assist you with setting up your continuous permit.

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