Frequently Asked Questions


Why does the parking gate not work?

There could be a few reasons for this:

  1. Parking gates usually work, but are sometimes damaged by individual parkers seeking to obtain free privileges.

  2. You may not be authorized to park in that specific lot at that time. Signs are posted at all gated lots to indicate the hours each type of permit can access the lot.

  3. When approaching the gate, your vehicle is either too far away from the antenna, or, you approached too fast and the antenna did not have enough time to respond to the radio wave. Try backing up past the antenna, pause, and try again.

  4. Our modernized gating system is programmed to prevent "permit pass backs." The system will expect one in and one out each time you utilize an authorized zone. You cannot let others in and out with your permit or the system will prevent further gate operations.

Your Western ONECard is connected to your permit hang tag. If you have trouble with your hang tag not reading at the gate, you may be able to work the gate by "tapping" your Western ONECard at the podium where indicated.

Our gate intercom service is answered 24/7 to assist you.

Can I park without a permit in a lot that has its parking gate up or if there is no gate?

Parking gates are ususally working, but are sometimes damaged by individual parkers seeking to obtain free privileges. We maintain the gates on a daily basis, and, if parking is intended to be open for the day, we will display a sign to that effect. Please observe the permanent posted signage which reflects the real times and uses of the lots. An open parking gate or ungated lot (like Elborn, Siebens Drake, or Support Services lot) does not constitute an invitation to park for free.

Where can I park overnight if I don't have a permit?

Short term visitor parking is available in various locations around campus. Please see our Visitor Parking Information page for details.

The best lot for overnight visitor parking is usually the Huron Flats lot (subject to change due to special events). Visitors can pull a ticket to enter the lot and pay by credit card on exit to a daily maximum rate of $12.00. Contact the Parking Office by phone, email, or in person for more information.

How safe is it on campus when I walk to my vehicle at night?

The campus is very safe, and there are a number of safety features in place in the parking lots (emergency phones, lighting, security cameras). Western Foot Patrol offers a visible presence in the lots as well while on patrol. You may also check out the Work Safe Program by Campus Community Police Services.

What do I do if I need to unload something and need to park close to a building?

You should obtain a 30 minute Loading Zone Permit from the office that you are visiting, or pay to park at a meter close to the building.

Do I have to pay the meters in the evening?

The single meters need to be paid Monday to Friday until 8 pm and on Saturday until noon. All Pay and Display areas are payable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What do I do if there is a flood advisory?

The Medway (including the Elgin Hall metered spaces) and Talbot lots are subject to flooding during extreme weather conditions. In order to avoid damage to your vehicle, it may be necessary to move your vehicles out of these areas on short notice. When the threat of flooding exists, instructions to move your vehicle will be communicated through the Western Homepage and Weather Update page. Users of these lots are required to monitor Western's Weather Update page during periods of extreme weather.

As with all parking lots, Western shall not be responsible for any loss, injury, or damage to persons/vehicles, including contents, however caused.

Where can I park when going to the Recreation Centre?

The Alumni-Thompson lot is not available for Campus Recreaction parking when the parking kiosk is attended, unless you pay the daily rate as posted.

Faculty, Students, and Staff:
Those with perimeter (grey) and core (orange) permits must park in the South Valley Lot, Huron Flats Lot, and Althouse Lot. Students with the non-reserved (green) permit must park at the Huron Flats lot and Althouse lot. All permits are valid in all of these lots after 4 pm on weekdays, all day on weekends, and on statutory holidays.

Alumni and General Public:
An affordable parking option is offered to alumni and members of the general public only. This parking pass is available on an annual or monthly basis to coincide with your membership. Please bring in your vehicle registration to the Campus Recreation Centre front desk when purchasing a permit. Please note there is a $30 refundable deposit required on the transponder. The parking permit gives you access to the Huron Flats lot at any time.

Where can I park for free?

There is no free parking on campus during the day, Monday to Friday. There is complimentary parking available in some designated lots on weekends from Friday at 5 pm until Sunday evening. Lot availability is subject to change. Parkers should obey posted signage.

Elborn lot - free weeknights from 4:00 pm - 7:00 am.

Siebens Drake lot and Upper Heating Lots - free weeknights from 7:00 pm - 7:00 am.

Please see the Parking Map for weekend complimentary parking.

About Your Parking Account

Do I need to change my address even if the Registrars Office has my current address?

Yes, you need to change/update your address both at Parking as well as the Office of the Registrar.

About Infractions

Why did my car get a citation and the three beside me didn't?

Sometimes vehicles have obtained permission in advance to park in restricted areas. As the enforcement process is computerized, these vehicles may or may not be displaying special permits. It also may be that enforcement personnel passed through the area prior to the noted individuals illegitimate parking activities.

What do I do if I get an infraction?

You have two options:

  1. Appeal within 14 days
  2. Pay your infraction within 14 days

Please do not ignore a parking ticket!
Accounts with unpaid fines run the risk of the following actions: parking privileges revoked, academic records sealed, vehicles towed, and/or account balance transfered to a collection agency. This is a fully automated process, and we suggest you deal with these problems promptly to avoid unnecessary charges.

About Accessibility

How do I apply for an accessible permit?

You can request an accessible parking permit when you apply for a permit based on your status on campus. Please visit our Accessible Permit page to learn about what you need in order to qualify for an accessible Western parking permit.

What if all the accessible spaces are taken and I have an accessible permit?

You will have to park in another lot. If you are unable to do this, we suggest you park in any non-reserved space and notify the Parking Office immediately so that we can respond to the situation. If you recieve a ticket, please appeal as soon as possible.

About Visitors and Event Parking

Where can visitors park during the day?

Please see our Visitor Parking section of the site.

How do I make parking arrangements for a special event?

Please see the Special Event Parking page.

Where can my friend park if (s)he comes to visit me at my residence on the weekend?

Complimentary weekend parking is strategically located around campus. Please see the Parking Map for details. Coin-operated lots are also a good alternative.

About Parking Permits

What is the difference between a reserved and a non-reserved permit?

There are a limited number of reserved parking spaces on campus. The reserved parking guarentees a parking space in the reserved section of the specific lot chosen by the permit holder. Parking in a reserved section is authorized only for the vehicle(s) for which the reserved permit has been issued. Reserved permits are also valid in the non-reserved sections of any other lot within the same zone. Holders of reserved permits may park in any space within the reserved section of their selected lot.

Spaces are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Non-reserved permit holders are guaranteed a space within the zone (orange, grey, or green) of the permit they purchase. However, the non-reserved permit does NOT guarentee a parking space in a specific lot. If your lot of choice is full, you are expected to move to the next nearest lot within your zone.

Can I park at affiliated schools (Kings, Huron, Brescia) with my Western parking pass?

Each school has their own parking pass. Your parking pass is valid only at the campus where you purchased it. Please see the affiliate parking page for information about parking at Western's affiliated schools.

Where do I place my hang tag in my vehicle?

Generally, the best position for the hang tag to active the gate mechanism is hanging from the rear-view mirror. Alternatively, you could also position the hang tag on the inside of the windshield, on the driver's side of the dashboard. The hang tag should be facing out so that enforcement staff can clearly see the permit number when monitoring parking lots. Please remove the hang tag from your rear-view mirror if it inhibits visibility when the vehicle is in motion.

How does the hang tag work?

Approach the parking gate slowly; the gates are mechanical and may require a second or two to open. Drive at a slow speed within about 3 feet of the antenna.

The antenna is mounted on the pole at the foot of the island. When you get within 10 feet of the antenna, your hang tag will reflect a low frequency radio wave specific to your permit and the gate will open.

Do not tailgate; the vehicle ahead of you may obstruct the radio frequency path between your device and the antenna.

Is my parking permit refundable?

Permit refunds can be issued to undergraduate students up until February 15th of each academic year. You must return your hang tag in order for the refund to be accepted on a prorated basis for the remaining full months of the parking year. A service charge of $25.00 will be applied.