Biking on Campus

Biking to campus is a great way to save money, stay healthy, and is a fun, sustainable form of transportation. Parking & Visitor Services is proud to support active transportation to campus! Here are some resources to help you manage your two-wheeled commute.

Campus Cycling Safety Tips

  • We strongly recommend all cyclists wear an approved bicycle helmet
  • Be visible at all times. Wear bright or reflective clothing when cycling
  • Do not use pedestrian paths or sidewalks
  • Roadways and bicycle paths are specifically designed for your type of vehicle
  • Parking lot gates are not bicycle safe. Please walk your bike around parking gates using pedestrian walkways, or ride around lots on nearby bicycle lanes

Protect Your Bike

Register your bicycle with the free community-based crime prevention strategy, 529 GarageIf a bike goes missing, registered users can activate an alert notification. The mobile app will then alert the Western campus community and London-area cyclists to be on the lookout for the missing bicycle.

Western has purchased tamper-resistant 529 Garage shields that will be provided for Western Faculty, Staff and Students who register their bike with the program. Visit the Campus Community Police 529 Garage information page for details on how to register.

Other important anti-theft practices:

  • Record all pertinent information about your bicycle (i.e. Serial number, make, model, size,colour, number of gears, distinguishing marks/scratches, accessories, and value)
  • Invest in a durable lock. Consider purchasing a good quality U-Lock
  • Lock the frame, not just the wheel to the bike rack

Bike Shelter and Locker Rentals

Located throughout campus, spacious lockers will provide safety and protection for your bicycle and bike gear.


Campus Bike Map

New! - Bicycle Parking and Campus Showers Map PDF

Sustainability Western

Sustainability Western has even more resources to help support your active transportation needs.