Western's Carpooling Program

The Carpool Program is unavailable at this time.

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Carpooling is a simple way to take part in the climate change challenge while saving money, reducing congestion and conserving energy along the way. Commuters who live near each other and share a common destination form the simplest and most common "carpool" arrangement. Carpooling is ideal for those who commute long distances, are looking to save money, and have limited access to public transit or have few transportation options available to them.

Steps to Form a Carpool

  1. Find a carpool partner: Find a Western colleague on your own or use the Rideshare portal with help from our partner, the City of London https://uwo.regionalrideshare.ca/en/my/

  2. Read and agree to the Carpool Program Policies

  3. Indicate your interest and schedule an appointment with Parking & Visitor Services by:
    • visiting office in person (room 4150 Support Services Building) or
    • emailing the office at wparking@uwo.ca

Benefits of Carpooling at Western

  • Reserved Parking Space.
    Choose the best spot for you and your group in your current parking lot
  • Guaranteed Ride Home
    Registered carpool members may be eligible to use the guaranteed ride home program (see details in the Carpool Program Policies)
  • Complimentary Parking Vouchers
    Each registered carpool member is entitled to four complimentary, one-day parking passes per term