Civility and Respect


Civility and respect means showing appreciate, care, and consideration for everyone, whether they're coworkers, supervisors, customers, or clients. This is a video created by Ottawa Public Health and the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and adapted with permission from Mindful Employer Canada. It provides tips from the National Standard on how to create a psychologically safe and healthy workplace. (time - 4:08)

In any situation, you have control over the way you treat others.

We can create a psychologically healthy and safe workplace when we demonstrate respect and consideration in our actions towards others. We need to practice using inclusive language and be aware of what we say, how we say it, our body language, and our physical response when engaging with others. 

Be careful not to assume what other people want or need and be respectful of differences. When we show appreciation, care and consideration for everyone, we are contributing to an environment that is welcoming and inclusive. 

What can I do?

  • Breathe - taking a couple deep breaths before reacting lowers your heart rate and blood pressure and gives you a moment to think about your next action
  • Be a calming force and explore solutions rather than escalating a situation with emotions
  • Avoid eye rolling, negative sarcasm, and distracting facial expressions
  • Attend communication, diversity and conflict resolution training
  • Be professional - use appropriate language in the workplace
  • Recognize and accept that we all mistakes; use it as an opportunity to learn and grow

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